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Mining Industry Should Think About And Develop The New Material Industry

New materials are the forerunner and direction of the material industry, and are an important component and key support for the development of high-tech industries. In recent years, with the changes in the policy environment and the economic transformation and upgrading, strategic mineral resources have become more and more prominent.

The development of the new materials industry is closely related to the major needs of the national economy and social development, in order to accelerate the upgrading of the material industry as the main direction, vigorously develop special metal functional materials, high-end metal structural materials, advanced polymer materials, new inorganic non-metallic materials, high-performance composite materials and cutting-edge new materials. 

From a policy perspective, the latest data released by the Ministry of Natural Resources in July shows that in the past five years, the strategic mineral resources reserves required for new energy and emerging industries in China have grown rapidly. Shale gas reserves are from scratch, and the accumulated proven geological reserves exceed 1 trillion cubic meters. Compared with the end of 2012, in addition to individual minerals, China’s major strategic mineral resources reserves have increased at the end of 2017.

In the face of the continuous development of the new materials industry, what should the mining industry enterprises think about and layout? Although the resources are king, after all, the mineral development cycle is long, the investment is big, and the risks are high. Therefore, we must look at the general trend, fall in the right place, and lay a good game.