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China Coal Group Exhibition Booth Became A Highlight of IT Expo, Intelligent Products Reported By Jining Official Media


October 15th -17th, The 9th China(Jinan) International Information Technology Exposition was grandly held in Jinan International Convention and Exhibition Center.The intelligent industrial robots, smart home robot, fire robot, plant protection unmanned aerial vehicles, aerial photography unmanned aerial vehicles, 3D printing equipment, intelligent security equipment, and other high-tech intelligent equipment of Shandong China Coal Group became a highlight of the expo, and got a high evaluation from a number of provincial and municipal leaders and industry colleagues.Our Group's exhibition booth bursting with popularity and orders boomed, and our high-tech intelligent terminal equipment became the key report of Jining TV and other media.
In recent years, Shandong Coal Group actively responded to the national " Made-in-China 2025 Action Plan" to speed up the development of intelligent terminal industry, and actively promote the industrial transformation and upgrading. In 2014, the Group invested in the China Coal Intelligent Robot Industrial Park, and developed high-end intelligent products that suitable for China by introducing the advanced technology concept of foreign robots. Now, the Group has successfully developed industrial intelligent robots, restaurant service robots, smart home robots, entertainment robots, firefighting robots, high-tech UAV, 3D printing equipment, intelligent security equipment and other high-end smart products, greatly boosted the rapid development of intelligent terminal industry of the Southwest region of Shandong as well as the whole Shandong Province!At the same time, our Group actively promote the development of the deep integration of enterprise information and industrialization, to develop industrial supply chain e-commerce platform, in which the as the first cross-border B2B e-commerce platform in domestic mining machinery industry, fills the gaps of the domestic and foreign industrial and mining machinery industry e-commerce service platform, and make outstanding contributions to promote the integration of the manufacturing industry and the Internet in the whole country!