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Welcome Algerian Merchants to Visit China Coal Group for Prodcuction Capacity Auditing


October 18th morning, accompanied by the Algeria China Northern Construction Co., Ltd general manager Zhu Yonggang, deputy general manager Niu Jian, leaderships from Algeria LACHEB Group, visited China Coal Group to Purchase Equipment. Our Group's leaders vice president of E-commerce company Yan Ting, cross-border E-commerce company vice president Tian Cong, WeiXin agricultural company managers Lin Hu received the visitors.
Their procuring item is garlic harvester which is the latest research and development, and is a new generation of garlic harvesting equipment. The garlic harvester has advantages of compact structure, easy operation, strong power, stable performance, high harvest rate, low rate of damage, can be a one-time completion of planting, fertilization, ditching, ridge and other operations, easy to achieve a multi-purpose machine.The product got sale raise and high satisfaction since launched. At the forum, the staff gave a detailed description and introduction on the product technical parameters and performance advantages, through a full range of detailed understanding and watched the product working video, Algerian merchants affirmed our Group`s manufacturing strength and product quality. Merchants said that China Coal Group is very famous on overseas market, this visit made them knew the manufacturer strength and product quality, made them want to make long-term cooperation. Subsequently, the two sides carried out negotiations on equipment procurement and other matters in details, and successfully reached cooperation.
Over the years, based on the world, China Coal Group always chasing the footsteps of the world, diligently exploring international market. Through cross-border E-commerce platform, the products are exported to 141 countries and regions, 48 million customers worldwide, to build a diversified development of the market structure in the world. Next, the Group will further expand overseas market, expand the scale of foreign trade, speed up the innovation and transformation in the high-tech industry and agricultural production of Group, and strive to create a new situation on foreign trade import and export of China Coal Group.