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China Coal Group Exhibition Booth In Jining Pavilion of the Expo--Popularity Expolded and Orders Boomed


The 9th China(Jinan) International Information Technology Exposition was grandly held in Jinan International Convention and Exhibition Center the key intelligent terminal Industrial Park in Jining city, Shandong China Coal Group intelligent robot industrial park grandly showed the Industrial Internet, intelligent industrial robots, intelligent home robot, fire robot, plant protection unmanned aerial vehicles, aerial photography unmanned aerial vehicles, 3D printing equipment, intelligent security equipment and VR experience museum and other high-tech intelligent products for the community.Once showed up,all kinds of intelligent product are hotly persuited by the domestic costormers and some industry experts.Many provincial and municipal leaders made a special trip for visiting the exhibition area of China Coal Group.The popularity of our product has exploded at the scene.
16 October, the second day of the Expo,--the exhibition booth of China Coal Group located in the "Jining Intelligent Terminal Industrial Base" Theme Pavilionthe " was packed with people same as before and sales of all kinds of intelligent products greatly increased. At the China Coal Group intelligent equipment terminal booth, sorted of intelligent home robots, firefighting robots, aerial photography UAV, 3D printing equipment and other high-tech intelligent terminal and equipment were showed.Our product has the advantages of wide varieties, advanced technology, rich skills.In particular, the field of intelligent home robots attracted a large number of viewers to stop for watch.
Customers and partners from home and abroad have come to China Coal Group intelligent equipment terminal booth for inquiry the model, technical details and performance advantages to our employees and all gave unanimous praises to our intelligent product.Not only the orders of intelligent product boomed and signed a lot of contracts with many purchaser, buy also we reached numbers of strategic cooperation agreements with some well-known domestic enterprises in the intelligent equipment research and development, sales and other aspects after deep discussion.
In recent years, Shandong Coal Group actively responded to the national "Action Plan" to speed up the development of intelligent terminal industry, and actively promote the industrial transformation and upgrading. In 2014, the Group invested in the China Coal Intelligent Robot Industrial Park, and developed high-end intelligent products that suitable for China by introducing the advanced technology concept of foreign robots. Now, the Group has successfully developed industrial intelligent robots, restaurant service robots, smart home robots, entertainment robots, firefighting robots, high-tech UAV, 3D printing equipment, intelligent security equipment and other high-end smart products, greatly boosted the rapid development of intelligent terminal industry of the Southwest region of Shandong as well as the whole Shandong Province!