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Vice Mayor of Jining Zhang Shengming Visited China Coal Group Expo Booth


October 15th morning, The 9th China (Jinan) International Information Technology(IIT) Exposition opened in Jinan International Convention and Exhibition Center. As one of the grand event with the highest specifications, the largest scale, and the most effective and international influence in the field of domestic information technology, this exposition has been paid great attention to by the leaders at all levels, people from all sectors, and industry experts. 15th afternoon, Zhang Shengming, member of the CPC Party Committee and Vice Mayor of Jining City, visited the exposition site and made a special trip to the "Jining Intelligent Terminal Industry Base" Theme Pavilion, the booth of Shandong China Coal Group for guidance.
In the China Coal Group exhibition, Mayor Zhang listened attentively to the outstanding achievements China Coal Group has achieved in recent years in developing information technology industry and intelligent terminal industry, watched the on-site demonstration of the intelligent robots, the plant protection UAV and other intelligent terminal equipment and asked in details about the use performance, applications and performance advantages of the intelligent products. Mayor Zhang spoke highly of the achievements the Group has achieved in the field of intelligent terminals, and pointed out that China Coal Group, as Shandong Province key enterprise of Integration of Informatization and Industrialization as well as the benchmarking enterprise of information industry in Shandong Province, conducted bold innovation in business model, which is the country's industry model of the integration development of manufacturing industry and the Internet as well as the the development benchmark of Shandong Province and even the whole country. Mayor Zhang stressed that the next step, we should regard China Coal Group Intelligent Robot Industrial Park as the key research base of the integration of informatization and industrialization, and give strong support in the policy so as to make more contributions to the city, the province and the country's industrial economy and information technology development!
In the past few years, Shandong Coal Group actively responded to the national "Action Plan" to speed up the development of intelligent terminal industry, and actively promote the industrial transformation and upgrading. In 2014, the Group invested in the China Coal Intelligent Robot Industrial Park, and developed high-end intelligent products that suitable for China by introducing the advanced technology concept of foreign robots. Now, the Group has successfully developed industrial intelligent robots, restaurant service robots, smart home robots, entertainment robots, firefighting robots, high-tech UAV, 3D printing equipment, intelligent security equipment and other high-end smart products, greatly boosted the rapid development of intelligent terminal industry of the Southwest region of Shandong as well as the whole Shandong Province!
This Expo will last for 3 days from October 15th to 17th, and warmly welcome leaders and friends from all walks of life to visit "Jining Intelligent Terminal Industrial Base" Theme Pavilion, the booth of China Coal Group, wishing to cooperate with you to seek common development! At the same time, the Group adhere to the "manufacturing and Internet integration" development strategy, to develop industrial supply chain e-commerce,and successfully transformed from the traditional sales model to the modern e-commerce sales model, driving the boom of e-commerce of the Jining City, Shandong Province and even the whole country, The next step, China Coal will actively implement the national policy to lead the development with science and technology and innovation, accelerate the process of integration of manufacturing and the Internet and make more positive contributions to the development for the integration of informatization and industrialization!