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China Coal Group Invited to Innovation Forum on 2016 Convergence Development Between Chinese Manufacturing Industry and Internet


In order to deepen the implement of the file Guidance on deepening Integration and development of manufacturing and the Internet of China 's State Council, and discuss and share the policies, pathways, innovative models and success stories of Convergence of Chinese Manufacturing Industry and Internet, to promote more manufacturing enterprises from "manufacturing" to "intellectual creation". On the afternoon of October 15, the Innovation Forum on 2016 Convergence of Chinese Manufacturing Industry and Internet was held in Jinan International Convention and Exhibition Center.
Chinese Academy of Engineering Li Peigen, and Zhu Yunhai, the director of Automation Institute of Shandong Academy of Sciences, the vice president of Economic Information Research Institute, and more than 700 people, including senior executives of manufacturing enterprises, information department heads, industry solutions service providers, integrators, hardware and software suppliers, Internet executives, associations or alliances, investment and financing institutions, industry professionals and media reporters. As the key enterprises China Coal Group Was invited to Participate on this Innovation Forum, and Group Vice President Fan Peigong, vice president of E-commerce company Yan Ting were represented at the meeting.
The forum is a concurrent activities of the ninth session of the China (Jinan) International Information Technology Expo, the theme is from "manufacturing" to "wisdom made". The keynote speaker is Li Peigen, the China academician who be warmly invited, he said from the conference, intelligent manufacturing, communication on Germany Industry 4.0, China manufacturing industrial 2025, Industrial Internet and other related concepts, with technology, application and development interpretation development of the integration of manufacturing industry and Internet, Shared the development of intelligent manufacturing's future trends, shared the integration of manufacturing industry and the Internet with new ideas, new ideas, new achievements. Subsequently, the well-known intelligent manufacturing solution service providers on-site interpretation the latest manufacturing information technology solutions and successful cases, the national model unit executives shared pplication and outstanding achievements in the smart manufacturing. Through communication, all representatives gave good ways on innovation and development to promote the manufacturing industry and the Internet.
At the meeting, the outstanding achievements of China Coal Group got highly praised by a number of leaders and industry colleagues; they all recognized China Coal Group has been walking in the forefront of many enterprises. In recent years, China Coal Group actively promote the depth convergence development of Chinese Manufacturing Industry and Internet, and vigorously develop the industrial supply chain E-commerce, the success of the transformation from traditional to modern E-commerce, become a successful example of the transformation of the industry enterprises in innovation and development and walking in the forefront of many enterprises, highly praised many times by the state and provincial and municipal leaders. At the same time, the first domestic mining machinery industry cross-border B2B business platform which is created and developed by our own technology, filled the blank of domestic and foreign industrial and mining E-commerce platform.
Selected in the Ministry of Industry e-commerce integrated innovation pilot project in 2013, the national Ministry of Industry list the as a cross-border e-commerce as key projects, to promote the national information and industrialization of the depth of integration and made outstanding contributions to the development! In September 2016, China Coal Group successfully selected as the first batch of enterprises on Integration Management System in Shandong Province.
GM Fan said the Innovation Forum gave us a direction in the province's restructuring and development of enterprises, played a positive role in promoting the province's industrial innovation and development, transformation and upgrading. The future, China Coal Group will actively implement national policies, take full advantage of the Group, rapid forward to the direction of information technology, to lead the innovation development of science and technology, play an exemplary role, make more positive contributions for Innovation and Development of Chinese Manufacturing Industry and Internet!