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China Coal Group Invited to 2016 Shandong Polytechnic College School-Enterprise Cooperation Council Annual Meeting


Afternoon of June 17th ,The 2016 annual meeting of Shandong Polytechnic College school-enterprise cooperation council were held grandly.Leaders from Municipal Commission of economy and information technology,Bureau of science and technology, Lunan ITRI, Machinery industry''s chamber of commerce association,Shandong seaman trainning center,some other school-enterprise cooperation key enterprises and a number of Shandong Polytechnic College leaders attended the meeting. Shandong China Coal Group was invited as vice chairman unit of Shandong Polytechnic College school-enterprise cooperation council,Group deputy GM, Fan Peigong attended this meeting.
At the meeting, Shandong Polytechnic College president,Sun Qi firstly delivered a speech of welcome. He highly affirmed the outstanding achievements of the School-enterprise cooperation council in 2015.He said together school and enterprises established one efficient talent training system by creating a good platform for information exchange and the training mode of school enterprise co-education,this realized the tripartite win-win situation of school, society and enterprise. Subsequently, Wang Zhenhai,director of Scientific research department, introduced exactly the situation of School-enterprise cooperation in 2015 and 2016 school- enterprise cooperation working plan, and read out the name list of outstanding cooperative enterprise in Shandong Polytechnic Collegee 2015 School-enterprise cooperation and honorary professors. Shandong coal group was awarded 2015 outstanding cooperative enterprise, and gained certificate of honor.
GM Fan said,Shandong China Coal Group always focusing on high-end talent cultivation, and has carried out school-enterprise cooperation with a number of colleges and universities located in province.Through the ordered class, champion class cooperation mode,our Group''s outstanding team continue growing, and cultivate a batch of high-quality, high skilled innovative e-commerce leading talent.Fulfilled social services and also laid a solid foundation of talent for group''s globalization strategy.The win-win of enterprise and society was truly realized. At present, our group has developed into 36 professional companies with teams of more than 500 e-commerce employees ,China Coal already became our province''s largest e-commerce enterprises. We very much welcome our ordering class students of Shandong Polytechnic College to join our teams, China Coal Group will be the wings of your dream!