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Warm Congratulation to Shandong China Coal Group to Listed as Jining


In order to improve the brand cultivation mechanism,optimize the environment of brand,accelerate the construction of the city''s corporate brand, enhance the competitiveness and influence of the enterprise market cultivation. Recently, our city has been introduced "Jining Ten, Hundred, Thousand Brand Cultivation Project Implementation Plan", Shandong China Coal Group was listed as the Jining "Ten, Hundred, Thousand"Key Supporting Brand Cultivation Enterprise with strong independent brand influence and outstanding achievements in the field of E-commerce.
In recent years, Shandong China Coal Group positively response to the national Internet+ policy, bold innovation, Successful transformation from the traditional sales model to the modern e-commerce marketing model, the province and the country through the E-commerce information industry to boost the successful transformation of traditional business model for the industry, and gain the high evaluation by the national and provincial leaders for many times. Our Group has independently developed and are operating the 1wkuang, zgwlwl, zgnykj, zgccjy, 1you, Haitao, six business platform,1wkuang as the first cross-border B2B in domestic machinery manufacturing industry, to fill gaps, and lised for cross-border e-commerce key support projects by The National Industry and Information, has made outstanding contributions to promote the transformation of machinery manufacturing industry.
At the same time, Shandong China Coal attaches great importance to global independent brand construction and has registered"China Coal" trademark in EU, US, Russia, UK, Taiwan, Indonesia, Israel, Philippines etc,total 35 countries and regions.Meantime the Group also obtained China Coal trademark rights in the 28 member states of EU, United Kingdom and Taiwan,Macao,Singapore, which means that China Coal has established a good international brand in the world. And Has been selected to the Industrialization and Information sector of pilot enterprises to cultivate industrial brands, Jining brand building Promotion Association, etc.. Our Group is listed as the Jining "Ten, Hundred, Thousand" Brand to Support Key Enterprises, is affirmed again about global brand building achievements of China Coal Group, we believe that in municipal government key support for training, Shandong China Coal Group will do better for enterprise brand globalization strategy in the future!