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China Coal Group Invited to Provincial Manufacturing and Internet Integration Development Researching Forum


Afternoon of June 17th,Deputy director of Shandong Economic and Information Commission Information Advancement Office Sun Zhiqiang visited Jining city and researched the development of manufacturing and internet integration,and held a forum in high-tech Zone,Wang Youbing,the investigator of Jining Economic and Information Commission,director of provincial Economic and Information Commission Industrial Office,Li Zheng,director of high-tech Zone and other leaders attended the forum. Shandong China Coal Group,as the industry paradigm of manufacturing and internet integration development was invited,as a representative,Group deputy general manager Li Zhaopeng attended the meeting.
On the forum,Director Sun first introduced the necessity to accelerate the development of manufacturing and internet integration for China at present and many problems faced in this process.He said that,our country is a big manufacturing country, but also a Internet country, to promote the integration of manufacturing and the Internet, is conducive to form superimposed effect, aggregate effect, and multiplier effect,accelerating the conversion of new and old development kinetic energy and production systems, has broad prospects and huge potential.With the acceleration of pace of manufacturing and the Internet integration,there have been some achievements in the aspects of inspiring "mass entrepreneurship and innovation",cultivating new model new formats amd promoting supply-side structural reforms,But there are also many problems such as,a lack of platform support, the core technology is weak, the application level is not high, security needs to be strengthened, institutional mechanisms need to be improved and so on.Therefore, we must implement the guidance of the State Council on deepening the integration of manufacturing and Internet development,all regions should establish and improve the working mechanism, formulate specific implementation plan, strengthen the assessment, to ensure that the task of integration development to be carried out.Subsequently. Director Li Zheng respectively put forward specific proposals from the actual situation of high-tech Zone in the aspect of how to betterly guide traditional manufacturing industry enterprise transformation and upgrading, how to build the information industry alliance, how to betterly cooperate with each department.
In recent years,Shandong China Coal Group closely around the the "Internet +" development strategy that our country actively promoted,vigorously develop the industrial supply chain e-commerce,successful transform from the traditional sales model to the modern e-commerce sales model, accelerate the development of Jining and even the province''s e-commerce, become the industry paradigm of the provincial ,even the national manufacturing and internet integration development and have got high evaluation of national and provincial leaders many times.Manager Li said that,this forum pointed out the clear direction of the next step in the transformation and development of the city''s enterprises,played a positive role in promoting the city''s industrial innovation development, transformation and upgrading. The next step, China Coal Group will actively implement the national policy, lead the development with technology and innovation,promote "Made in China 2025" and "Internet +" action and contribute more forces for the construction of manufactured powerhouse.