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Warmly Welcome Leaders of Xinhua News Agency Shandong Branch Come to Our Group for Investigating


Morning of June 14,Meng Yongxin, the director of Public opinion monitoring center of Shandong branch of Xinhua news agency and Xinhua Co.,Ltd,and other leaders came to China Coal Group for visiting and inspecting on high-tech UAV and other programs.Group deputy general manager Fan Peigong, Guan Chenghui,the director of the Group office,E-commerce company deputy chief Yan Ting,Carter robot company technical director Wang Hui,and other leaders received the visitors.
Firstly General Meng and other leaders visited the Group''s five large E-commerce companies,cross-border E-commerce company,network information, Software Technology Co., Ltd. and new E-commerce Industrial Park of China Coal, and had a detailed understanding of the Group ''s outstanding achievements on Industrial E-commerce and cross-border E-commerce.Subsequently, general manager Meng visited Carter robot Co., Ltd.,carried out a full range of understanding of the Group''s manufacturing capacity, production technology, R & D qualifications, etc,experience the latest technology of coal product -- 9DVR dynamic seat,and expressed the hope to have the opportunity to cooperate with China Coal,to achieve win-win development of both sides.
In recent years, our Group respond positively to the national development of the intelligent industry call for vigorously develop the intelligent industry,Shandong Carter intelligent robot Co., Ltd.. make technology alliance with the German KUKA robot Group, University of Science and Technology of China, through the introduction of advanced robot technology concept, apply to the development of high-end intelligent products Chinese, has successfully developed patrol drones,agricultural plant protection UAV, aerial drones, industrial robots, service robots, Home Furnishing entertainment robot and a variety of high-end intelligent products, successively set up Carter coal sales and service center in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Harbin and other areas,not only to enhance the intelligent equipment manufacturing industry visibility of China Coal Group, and better serve the customers.
The future, our Group will invest more resources for "Internet+ made ",enhance the Group''s high-end smart industrial market,speed up the overall planning of the robot industry internal and external resources,through introduce strategic investment and other ways,actively build China Coal into the domestic smart robot industry leader!