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China Coal Group Invited to 2016 ''''Cross-border E-commerce into the Million Enterprises '''' Professional Training Programm


In order to adapt to the new situation of the rapid development of cross-border e-commerce,speeding up the cultivation of practical talents in cross-border e-commerce business and promote the transformation and upgrading of foreign trade,Shandong Provincial Department of Commerce entrusted Shandong Foreign Trade Vocational College to implement "cross-border e-commerce into the million enterprises " professional training program.June 13th,2016"cross-border e-commerce into the million enterprises " professional training, the 3rd training course was held in Huangdao of Qingdao city.As the cross-border e-commerce demonstration enterprises of Ministry of industry and information(MII) and the Shandong provincial cross-border e-commerce key enterprise,Shandong China Coal Group was invited to participate,vice GM of Group''s cross-border E-commerce subsidiary company,Tian Cong went to Huangdao and attended the training
Experts and scholars from Qingdao Science & Technology University and Shandong Foreign Trade Vocational College and well-known business executives from Alibaba were invited to give lessons during the course. Firstly,explained the important meaning of development of cross-border e-commence to the development of our country''s foreign trade.Then,presenter said, Shandong Province attaches great importance to the development of foreign trade and encourage enterprise''s innovative mode,especially the development of cross-border e-commence.During the course,experts and scholars digged into more details on theory ,trends and policies of cross-border e-commence, choice of cross-border e-commence platform and international logistics. They also had an active interaction with the trainees and had discussion about practical matters which showed in the development of cross-border e-commence.
In recent years,Shandong China Coal Group respond positively to the national export policy,vigorously expand overseas markets and develop the cross-border e-commerce,has set up the International Trade E-commerce Company, New Energy Import and Export E-commerce Company, Shandong China Coal Cross-border E-commerce Business Services Co., Ltd. And it respectively set up Shandong China Coal Industry&Mining Supplies Group HK Branch and China Coal Manufacturing Group CO.,LTD in Hong Kong and the Cayman Islands,set up a cross-border e-commerce team which covering English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic and other languages and promote the full realization of the Group''s global development strategy.
Our Group not only actively expand overses market but also vigorously develop the construction of cross-border e-commerce B2B platform.Group has independently developed and operated successfully six e-commerce platform, such as 1kuang, zgwlwlw, zgnongke, cccjyw, eeyy, haitao. And 1kuang as the country''s first cross-border B2B machinery manufacturing industry, to fill the gaps in the domestic and foreign machinery industry e-commerce platform, as a commerce as a cross-border e-commerce important project by the National MII, made a outstanding contributions for promote the industrial transformation and upgrading of the machinery manufacturing industry in the country and obtained high evaluation from national and provincial leaders many times.
General Tian said, the "cross-border e-commerce into the million enterprises " professional training course is very practical.Not only to improve the skills and literacy of the whole provincial foreign trade enterprise''s professional, skilled, complex cross-border talent.Also,through in-depth communication with a number of experts and scholars,let us understand further the developing situation of foreign trade enterprises,clearly see the next development direction of us and enhance our confidence of overcoming the current difficulties and doing better importing and exporting record.