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Shandong China Coal Group Invited to Jining Key Enterprises Forum


Afternoon of June 3rd,the research group of Shandong Party Committee Policy Research Office came to Jining to conduct investigation of the condition of promoting the city''s supply side structural reform, steady growth, restructuring, promoting the steady development of the economy,and held a forum of key enterprises in high-tech zones. Shandong China Coal Group as a key enterprise in the city was invited and the Group deputy general manager Li Zhaopeng attended the forum.
On the forum,the investigator of the Policy Research Office Economic division Guo Yanmin made a detailed analysis and evaluation on the economic situation that the provincial enterprise faced according to the current economic situation.He pointed out that,to promote supply-side structural reforms is to adapt to the new international and domestic situation, and is the major deployment to lead the development of new economic normality.Governments and business must focus on the current condition,consider long-term development,deepen supply-side structural reforms,promote stable economic growth and improving efficiency.Government policy measures should focus on precise effective work, adhere to the problem, to help enterprises solve difficulties and problems.Subsequently,the director of Jining high-tech Party office Dongzhen,according to the actual situation of high tech Zone,put forward specific suggestions in the aspects of supply-side reform focusing on industrial upgrading,how to promote supply-side structural reforms seeking blessing for people, building industry alliances and how companies better carry on the supply-side structural reforms.Finally, the person in charge of the key enterprises carried on a lively exchanges and discussions on the aspects of how to develop innovations in technology, products, brands, marketing models and how to promote industrial restructuring and upgrading of enterprises.
Manager Li said that,in recent years, Shandong China Coal Group respond positively to national policy, bold innovation, from traditional manufacturing enterprises successful transformation into a modern information enterprise, made outstanding achievements in many areas of e-commerce, cross-border e-commerce, intelligent manufacturing, modern agriculture, intelligent logistics,successfully realize the corporate restructuring and upgrading,It has been named the Ministry e-commerce innovation pilot enterprises,Shandong Province identified e-commerce enterprises, Jining information technology and industrialization integration enterprises,Jining information consumption demonstration project enterprise, Jining e-commerce president enterprise and other honor.The next step, we will fully absorb the opinions and suggestions of all leaders and experts,accelerate the pace of innovation,drive process and technology constantly being upgraded through innovation,better enhance the industrial structure, enhance the global competitiveness of the group,make due contribution to the steady and healthy development of the national economy!