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China Coal Invited to be Judge of 2016 Jining E-commerce and Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest


Morning of June 3rd ,2016"Excellent Aluminum Material" Cup,Jining E-commerce Contest and Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Semi-finals was grandly hold in Yanzhou Innovation Building,16 teams that smoothly entered the semi-finals would show their talent again in this contest.To ensure the fairness and impartiality of the competition, Contest organizing committee purposefully invited a number of E-commerce experts as the judges.Jining E-commerce Association vice chairman and Shandong China Coal Group vice GM,Sun Shijun presented this contest as invited guest.
The semi-finals was divided into 2 sections.Sect. 1 is Enterprise and project presentation:answer the relative question from the judges,every team have 5 min. for demonstration.The judges will scores after comprehensive consideration on team strength,project model,Profit space, operation condition etc.No team will out in this section,but the scores will be brought into next competition section.Sect. 2:The participants select the items needed to be sold on scence through topic extraction by themselves,have 1 min for consideration,then sell the item to any judge in the contest within 3 min.Judges will give comprehensive scores basing on the performance of the contestants. At last the TOP 8 finalists will be out according to their scores and overall performance.
In recent years, Shandong China Coal Group respond positively to the national informatization and industrialization development policy, accelerate the development of information technology and industrialization integration and innovation, successful transformation from traditional manufacturing enterprises to modern information enterprise, the transformation from the traditional sales model to the modern electronic commerce marketing mode, and became industry model through successful transformation of traditional enterprises through the electronic commerce information industry, is the leader of enterprise informatization construction in Shandong Province, and awarded the national e-commerce integrated innovation demonstration enterprise. In order to better move more enterprises to accelerate informatization and industrialization development, our Group also has independently developed and operated Six e-commerce platform, such as 1kuang, zgwlwlw, zgnongke, cccjyw, eeyy, haitao. And 1kuang as the domestic first cross-border B2B machinery manufacturing industry, which filled the gaps in the domestic and foreign machinery industry e-commerce platform,awarded as a cross-border e-commerce important project by the National Ministry, made a outstanding contributions for promoting the industrial transformation and upgrading of the machinery manufacturing industry in the country.
GM Sun expressed,much glad to be involved in the E-commerce and Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship contest,all participants have excellent performance.This make me see the great enthusiasm of our city''s youth who want to join e-commence business actively. China Coal Group as the chairman unit of Jining E-commerce Association,also as the only national e-commerce talent training base of Jining,welcome the city''s aspiring youth come to our base for training and learning.We will purposefully train e-commerce talent and e-commerce team relied on our group''s strong electronic commerce comprehensive strength and China E-commerce Association service center.Let every youth who committed to e-commerce business have an early walk on the road to success!