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Lantern Festival Gifts For China Coal Group Employees


February 22, 2016(the 15th day of the 1st lunar month), it comes Lantern Festival, which is another important traditional festival of China.And in order to express the most sincere wishes and greetings for all employees,China Coal Group prepared sweet dumplings with different tasting for her employees.Group vice general manager,Fan Peigong sent the handpicked benefits to every employee hands and wishes everyone happy family reunion and festive monkey year.
when the staff took the sweet dumplings from the hands of Group leaders,everyone felt the thick care and warm from our group.Among the warm&harmonious festive atmosphere,the employees said they would turn care into encouragement and work hard to contribute their more strength for the Group.
Knowledge: The fifteenth day of the first month in the lunisolar year is a traditional Chinese festival:Yuanxiao Festival or Lantern Festival,which comes from Chinese Han''s traditional festival.The first month of the lunisolar calendar is called the Yuan month, and in olden times night was called "Xiao" in Mandarin. The fifteenth day is the first full moon of that lunisolar year. Therefore, the day is called Yuan Xiao Festival (Lantern Festival)in China. It also known as a small first month, the Lantern Festival or the Festival of Lights, and is the first major holiday after the Spring Festival. Enjoying beautiful lanterns, solving puzzles on lanterns, and eating glutinous rice balls are several important folk customs in Lantern Festival!