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China Coal Group Carry Out Training Couse For New Staff


In order to help new employees to better understand the development process of China Coal Group, as soon as possible to adapt to the new work environment, and become a member of the big family of China Coal Group, on the afternoon of February 23th, Shandong China Coal Group carried out training for new employee.The new staff of various departments and each branch companys from Group involved in the training, the meeting of training presided over by HR department of Group''s director Fu Haitao.
In the training couse, all the new employees first together to watch the TV special Promo China Coal Group, understanding comprehensively of our Group''s brilliant development course,qualification, honors and the development of electronic commerce made outstanding achievements in recent years , by watching videos, everyone learn more about the China Coal Group, new employees strengthened the confidence of work in China Coal Group .Subsequently, director Fu introduced carefully on the Group''s main business, benefits for employee , the rules and regulations of company and others which is closely related to the vital interests of employees. After the end of the training session, director Fu lead the new employees to visit the E-commerce industry building of Group ,every companies of Group, smart mechanical workshop, staff quarters, employees free restaurant, staff entertainment venues and so on,through the visit they know more deeply of the overall situation of the work environment, they excitedly chat, the words is full of affirmation to the new working environment and expectations of future work prospects.
Finally, Group deputy general manager Fan Peigong said warmly welcome all of new staffs to join the big family of China Coal, Group will provide they a good development platform and broad development space, hope them as soon as possible adapt the new work environment, and rapidly grow up to excellent one of China Coal Group! New employees also said that through today''s training they have more in-depth understanding of China Coal Group, had firmly confidence in the choice of work in China Coal, and will not fail the expectations of the leadership, with high enthusiasm and positive attitude do their part to the development of China Coal Group!