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Warmly Welcome Leaders of Jining High-tech Zone Binhe Science and Technology Park to China Coal Group


Afternoon of February 17, director Cai, Lan and Secretary Cao of Jining High-tech Zone Binhe Science and Technology Park visited Shandong China Coal Group and made a investigation on the development of intelligent robots and the future development planning of our Group. Qu Qing, the Chairman and general manager, Han Yong,the Deputy General Manager,Fan Peigongthe, the Vice General Manager and other leaders of Shandong China Coal Group received the visitors.
Leadships visited the four e-commerce companies, cross-border e-commerce company, network information company, software technology company, carter robot company, comprehensive understanding outstanding achievements of our Group in the field of e-commerce, software development, high-tech agriculture, intelligent logistics, intelligent equipment manufacturing and other industries. At the meeting, Manager Han made a introduction about the main achievements in the field of intelligent robots and the future development planning. Manager Han said, China Coal Group respond positively to respond positively to the national call development of the intelligent industry, and set up Shandong Carter Robot Co., ltd., And made a technical alliance with German KUKA Robot Group and University of Science and Technology of China, through the introduction of advanced robotics technology, developed robot system is suitable for the Chinese market, unmanned intelligent flexible manufacturing line, various types of service industry robots and other high-end intelligent products, preliminary trial production, plans to put into operation by the end of 2016, the output value to reach 500 million yuan. Director Cai highly affirmed the development of our group in the field of intelligent robots, he said, Shandong China Coal Group as the successful example transformation from traditional enterprise information to modernization enterprise, with all round, high level, multi field global development strategy is very worth the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises to learn and set up a new benchmark for the development of enterprises in the province. Next, hope China Coal Group exploration and innovation, To better promote the intelligent robot industry develop.
Manager Qu said, thank you very much for the leadership''s support and love on China Coal Group development.In future, China Coal will invest more resources for the integration of resources on "Internet+wisdom made", accelerate the group''s market share of high-end smart industry, to speed up the overall planning of the group''s robot industry internal and external resources, through the introduction of strategic investment and other ways, and strive to build the domestic smart robot industry leader!