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Warmly Congratulate China Coal Group E-commerce Base to be Awarded The 2015 Annual Jining E-commerce Industrial Park


In order to commending and fostering advanced representative, according to the spirit of (Jining Gov Document〔2014〕No.57)and (Jining Economic and Information Technology Commission Document〔2014〕No.150, the "2015 annual Jining E-Commerce Industrial Park" identification work, which is jointly organized by Jining economic and Information Technology Commission, Jining Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Jining Municipal Administration for Industry and commerce, Jining City Financial Work Office, was officially completed. After the rigorous assessment, audit, publicity and other procedures, 11 Industrial Parks in Jining was named "2015 Annual Jining E-commerce Industrial Park", Shandong China Coal Group E-commerce industry base was successfully selected.
Recently, Shandong China Coal Group actively respond to national Internet + policy and make bold innovations, successfully transformed from the traditional sales model to the modern e-commerce sales model, became the successful transformation industry model from traditional enterprises to the electronic business information industry the leader in the construction of enterprise informatization in the whole province, and highly appraised by the national and provincial leaders. In order to promote the rapid development of China Coal Group E-Commerce, Shandong Coal Group invested 230 million yuan to build China Coal Group E-commerce industry base, the base project is the major projects of our Group global informatization development construction.This project has been listed as the Ministry of e-commerce innovation pilot project, the special action program of depth integration during informatization and industrialization in Shandong Province, the Jining information technology demonstration projects, etc. In 2016,rely on our capital, technology and talent advantages, we will build China Coal Group E-commerce base into a first-class E-commerce Industrial Park in Shandong province.
China Coal Group E-commerce industry base became the 2015 annual Jining Electronic Commerce Park is not only the affirmation and encouragement for Group''s developing direction, but also a challenge. In the future China Coal Group will follow the informationization direction, promote the development with technology and innovation, lead our Group to a new glory!