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Warmly Welcome Officers of Sanjia Police Station Visit China Coal Group


Morning of January 14th, Mr.Xue, the director of sanjia police station, Jining high-tech zone public security sub-bureau and officer Chen visited Shandong China Coal Group.They carried out investigation and research on strengthen internal security management, improve emergency response capabilities, deal with the security risks. Han Yong, Li Zhenbo, the Deputy General Managers of China Coal Group received the visitors.
Mr.Xue and his party had a detailed understanding of group''''s production and operation and enterprise security management measures. Mr.Xue said, as a key large-scale enterprise in high-tech zones, China Coal Group has lots employees and faces heavy enterprise security management tasks. In daily life, we must strengthen awareness of security, and do a good job in safety precautions work.Through field investigation, I think China Coal Group is doing a perfect job about security management work. It is very worthy of recognition that employees have strong security awareness. Then, Mr.Xue introduced policy measures which supports the development of enterprise and solicit more opinions from enterprise,and brings forward rationalization suggestions on strengthen safety management of enterprise.
Mr.Han said, thanks to investigations of police leadership, it shows police leadership attaches great importance to the development of China Coal Group.Enterprise Security is a requirement for the survival and development of every business, and any business wants to become bigger and stronger, first of all,they should pay attention to the security issue.China Coal Group always pay attention to the enterprise security management and carry out safety hazards investigation regularly, so ,any enterprise security issues never happened over the years.Next, we will strengthen close relationship between the police and enterprises, enhance communication, and actively cooperate with the police.