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Shandong China Coal Group Distributed the Spring Festival Gifts to Her Staff


As the 2016 spring festival is coming, and all the staffs are full of bright hope and joy.In order to thank all the staffs for their hard working over the past year, On the afternoon of January 30, 2016,leaders of China Coal Group distributed the Spring Festival benefits which showed China Coal Group''s love for each employee. Group deputy GM Li Zhenbo, Fan Peigong and other leaders gave the benefits and sincere blessings to each employee by themselves.
Under the organization of office workers,staffs of each branch company got their gifts one by one.Benifits were non GMO soybeanoil, sesame oil ... When the staff gladly received boxes of heavy benefits from the hands of Group leaders, the heart deeply felt the love and care from leaders of Group. They were unstinting in their praise, and every one showed great satisfaction on the holiday benefits which were selected carefully. They said the benefits were affordable and practical. Benifits expressed China Coal Group''s love for each employee and the most sincere greetings and blessings to their families.All the Group staffs were in a warm and harmonious atmosphere of the festival.
Looking back,we are proud of the achievements and gratified by gains.Benifits make staffs feel happy and full of confidence. All Group employees said that they would transform care into encouragement and work hard to contribute their strength for the Group. We firmly believe that under the capable leadership of leaders and joint efforts of workers,China Coal Group would make a new splendid point.