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Operators Of Diesel Engine Crane Should Pay Attention To


When we are operating a diesel engine crane, what should we pay attention to?

First of all, after lifting a diesel engine crane, it is necessary to tighten the jack nut again. And in the future lifting operation, you should also often check whether the jack nut is loose. If there is looseness but it is not found in time, there will be danger at any time during the operation of the crane and diesel engine crane, especially when working at height.

Secondly, the coupling and disengagement operation of the elevator clutch should be carried out under no-load conditions, and the stroke must be ensured in place, and it is not allowed to disengage the clutch to slip under load. In addition, the travel switch of the hoist is used as a limit, and it cannot be used frequently instead of the working switch.

In addition, when the diesel engine crane is lifting, there must be staff on the ground. Except for cooperating with the staff on the upper floor, it is strictly forbidden to drop heavy objects during the lifting process to ensure the personal safety of other personnel.