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Do You Know The Major Structures Of Cement Mixer


The equipment of cement mixer is a building material manufacturing equipment composed of five major systems including mixing host, material weighing system, material conveying system, material storage system, control system and other auxiliary facilities. If it's some first-time contact friends, it may sound obscure. In short, the equipment of cement mixer is mainly composed of mixer, feeding system and weighing equipment set up.

The main principle of its work is to use cement as cementitious material, mix and mix sand, lime, cinder and other raw materials, and finally make it into concrete, which is used as wall material for construction and production. Since the concrete mixing plant was put into use, it has been playing an important role in the building materials industry in China, which is also determined by the superior characteristics of the concrete mixing plant itself.

The equipment of the cement mixer is mainly divided into four parts: sand feeding, powder feeding, water and admixture feeding, transmission mixing and storage. The whole body of the equipment is cast with integral steel structure. The high-quality H-shaped steel not only has a beautiful appearance, but also strengthens the overall structural strength of the concrete mixing station. The equipment is easy to install and can be applied to various complex topographical structures.

The equipment of the cement mixer has good mixing performance. The equipment adopts the screw type double horizontal shaft forced mixing main machine, which can not only make the mixer strong, but also achieve good mixing effect for the dry and hard, plastic and various proportions of concrete. The mixing is even and the efficiency is high.

The equipment of cement mixer not only has excellent mixing host, but also has various excellent accessories, such as screw conveyor, metering sensor, pneumatic components, etc., which ensure the high reliability, accurate metering skills and long service life of concrete mixing station in the operation process. At the same time, each maintenance part of the concrete mixing station is equipped with a walking platform or inspection ladder, and has enough control space. The mixing machine can be equipped with a high-pressure automatic cleaning system, with the function of oil shortage and over temperature automatic alarm, which is convenient for equipment maintenance.

The equipment of the cement mixer has good environmental protection function. During the operation of the machine, the operation of the powder is carried out in the full blocking system. The dust tank adopts the high-efficiency dust collector / mist spray method to greatly reduce the environmental pollution caused by the dust. At the same time, the concrete mixing station adopts the silencing device to effectively reduce the noise pollution of the air exhaust and discharge equipment of the pneumatic system.

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