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How To Maintain The Cement Warehouse Of Cement Mixier Station


As the exclusive storage equipment of the mixing plant, the cement silo is a large product with models ranging from 30t to 1000t. Therefore, the cement mixer maintenance work is very important. The maintenance work of the cement silo should not only do external work, but also pay equal attention to internal maintenance. During maintenance, both inside and outside should be cleaned. Concrete mixing plant today cement warehouse internal maintenance skills.

Internal maintenance skills of cement bin of cement mixer station:

The volume of the cement silo is very large, so the maintenance work is also very difficult. It is difficult to finish the work at the beginning. As long as we do it well for the first time, the cleaning and maintenance in the future will be much easier. Moreover, only by doing well the internal maintenance can the performance of the cement silo play a more thorough role.

The internal cleaning of the cement silo is very complex. The general cleaning method requires the combination of cleaning agent, dust remover and arch breaking device. If there is dirt inside the cement bin, the best way is to apply detergent first, and then clean it with a hammer or shovel.

The second is the internal system equipment of the cement silo, which needs to be regularly inspected and replaced to check whether all the lost parts of the cement silo are normal and sealed tightly. Finally, after cleaning, we must check whether there are any left tools in the warehouse. In addition, there must be no water left in the warehouse wall, otherwise it will corrode and rust, which means that our maintenance work is idle.

The internal cement mixer maintenance skills of the cement warehouse of the concrete mixing plant and the summary of the internal maintenance work of the cement warehouse are to be careful and every detail is in place to make the equipment run more smoothly.

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