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A Case Study Of High-Rise Hoisting Small Crane For Doors And Windows


Diesel engine crane products purchased by Guizhou users: 500kg double column building small crane (customized three column crane), 500kg power 4kw automobile clutch motor, 120m steel wire rope, 7mm steel wire rope.

The diesel engine crane user is engaged in the door and window business, selling some glass, decoration materials, etc. to the outside world. The customer needs some materials and will ask the seller to transport the goods to the buyer's site. Most of the use sites are high-rise buildings in the community, with a hoisting height of 30 floors, about 100 meters, a hoisting of 300 kg, and a voltage of 220 v. because the hoisting height is too high, for the bottom users , the 100m lifting height has reached the limit

Here are some diesel engine crane using details:

1. The standard thickness pipe of small crane can be used completely. If safety is considered, Donghong crane recommends adding a column outside the double column crane, and the added column is also the height adjustment.

2. The height of the indoor space is uncertain. The standard size of the column of the portable small crane is 2.6-3.1m, which can be lifted in different rooms. Donghong lifting recommends to choose the double column domestic crane.

3. Three columns are fixed in the room, and the effect will be more stable. Do not worry about the overturning of the columns or the fuselage. In addition, the method of adding one column is aimed at the lifting height of more than 90 meters.

4. The diesel engine crane power of the automobile clutch is 4 kW, and the steel wire rope 120 m has reached the maximum limit. In this case, the high-power clutch motor is selected, so the high-rise crane will not have load.