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The Operation Of Scraper Winch Should Be Careful


After the empty scraper winch runs normally, start the winch slowly. Raise the two brake levers with both hands, power transmission and air operation. After sending out the signal, the harrow can be started when there is no one in the harrow path and there is no debris. It is strictly forbidden to harrow large pieces, ironware, explosives, etc. into the harrow path.

Before pulling the scraper winch, release the brake handle on the side away from the motor, and press down the brake handle on the side near the motor. The operation of the rake bucket when it is backward is opposite to that when it is pulled forward. It is strictly forbidden to press down the two brake levers at the same time, no matter when pulling forward or backward, otherwise the pulley support, pulley and steel rope will be damaged.

During the operation of the electric scraper winch, it is forbidden for personnel to enter the winch and work in the head of the winch. If the emergency brake signal is heard or seen during the operation of the winch, the brake shall be immediately released and stopped.

Generally, the ore harrowing degree should not be more than 300 mm. If the ore harrowing degree is more than 300 mm, it should be handled before harrowing. If the drag of harrowing is large, the harrowing bucket can be backed up by 1-2 m, and then harrowing. It should not be hard pulled. If the gangue is too large or the harrow is uneven, the large block shall be broken or the harrow shall be trimmed. It is strictly prohibited to crush large gangue with scraper.

During operation, tighten the hand brake rope at the same time. Never tighten both hand brakes at the same time to prevent accidents.

When placing the steel wire rope, the steel wire rope on the drum shall be kept for at least three turns, and it is strictly prohibited to put all the steel wire ropes completely.

During operation, pay attention to whether the drawworks sounds abnormally, and prohibit overload operation.

If the scraper winch steel wire rope breaks or the pulley is crushed during the operation, when the steel wire rope or pulley needs to be replaced, first cut off the power locking switch and hang "someone is working". No power transmission "warning sign.