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How Much Does A Concrete Mixer Weigh


How much does a concrete mixer weigh?50 concrete mixer several tons of weight, main material is steel mixer, concrete mixer, weight and quality often have xx mixer multiple customer consultation, such as: 50 concrete mixer weight of how many, how many tons of 1000 concrete mixer, etc, to solve these problems, China coal group professionals today for everyone to do the following answer.


How many tons of the 50 compulsory weight concrete mixer do you need the customer to confirm the model first? Clients consulting 50 concrete mixers often need: JS500 concrete mixers and HZS50 concrete mixing plant mixers (JS1000 concrete mixers)


The concrete mixer is mainly composed of mixing cylinder, feeding and unloading mechanism, water supply system, prime mover, driving mechanism, frame and supporting device. There are many types of concrete mixers, and the weight of large mixers is also relatively heavy. Among them, the weight of small concrete mixers is generally 4-6 tons, the main material of mixers is steel, while the weight of large mixers is generally 6-10 tons.


A set of 50 concrete mixing plant includes a lot of equipment, such as: concrete mixer, concrete batching machine, cement bin, screw, etc.


Hzs50 mixing station main engine -JS1000 forced system mixer, bare machine weight 7.5 tons, plus legs, guardrail, ladder, walking about 8 tons; Because mixing station host is the core equipment of the whole set of equipment, js1000 forced mixer in the price of the whole set of equipment is higher, do the foundation is also the most important.


PLD1600 batching machine is the batching system of hzs50 and hzs60 mixing plant, including aggregate weighing hopper, weighing sensor, supporting leg, belt and so on, the bare machine weighs about 3 tons.


50 mixing plant cement tank is generally 3 100t, the bare machine weighs about 4.5 tons, plus legs, internal and external ladder, warehouse roof guardrail about 5 tons;


A complete set of mixing stations in addition to the above heavyweight equipment, the rest of the weighing system weighs 1 ton, screw a weight of about 1 ton weight is relatively light. There is also a centralized control system of about 500kg, and the rest of the parts are about 2-3 tons. The weight of the mixing stations with different configurations is different. A complete set of hzs50 mixing stations is configured with a total weight of about 20 tons.


A concrete mixer weighs more than 50 tons."


Some customers want to know how the quality of the js500 mixer produced by the manufacturer, when manufacturing equipment can you cut corners, will ask: how heavy is the js500 mixer? Buy a concrete mixer recommend clients to large manufacturers, China coal group manufacturing mixing equipment is made of fine steel, equipment quality assurance, the customer can be at ease use, we make the JS500 forced mixer feeding capacity of 800 l, discharge capacity of 500 l, a discharging 0.5 square concrete, is a very popular a small mixing machine.


In response to customer questions, China coal group for you in the introduction of several models of concrete mixer parameters


Model no. : JS500, JS750, JS1000, JS1500, JS2000


Feed quantity (L) 800 1200 1600 2400 3200


Material output (L) 500, 750, 1000, 1500, 2000


Production (m3/h) 25, 37, 50, 75, 100


Aggregate size (mm) 60 60 80 100 100


Machine mass (kg


In addition to the mixer model introduced above, China coal group also produces js3000, js4000, js4500 and other models of mixer, more about the weight of a mixer, how many tons of 50 mixer, and other models of mixer price parameters, welcome to contact us.