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Model 1000 Concrete Mixer Production Capacity, How Many Square A Time


Production capacity of model 1000 concrete mixer, how many cubic meters at a time? Js1000 type concrete mixer is more common double horizontal shaft forced type concrete mixer, in addition to use alone, but also when 50 mixing station or 60 mixing station host, and 1000 forced concrete mixer price is not high, the performance is still very good. So what's the production capacity of the 1000 concrete mixer how many cubic meters of the 1000 concrete mixer at a time?


What is the production capacity of model 1000 concrete mixer? Can it meet the actual production demand of users? You need to know the facts.


Mixing cycle has long have short, generally speaking, js1000 force concrete mixer is used in the concrete mixing station, and the concrete mixing station is a production cycle. From the aggregate ingredients to the final discharge process, a total of how long is the concrete mixing plant mixing cycle, or called the material cycle. When the js1000 is mixed with a 60 mixing plant, one cycle is theoretically 60s, while in a 50 mixing plant, the cycle is 72s. But in practice, there's more to consider than ideal. The hardest thing to coordinate is the dispatch of the mixing truck. Experienced dispatchers cannot guarantee the smoothness of receiving materials, which will greatly affect the stirring cycle.


Type 1000 blender how much a party, under normal circumstances js1000 concrete mixer discharge side concrete every time, the output of one hour is 50 to 60 concrete, but also introduces the front, different types of concrete mixing time, generally above c30 type of concrete is 50 to 60, output per hour above c30 concrete need to add additives, mixing time extension, production efficiency lower in turn. The specific production capacity of model 1000 concrete mixer needs to be determined according to the customer's own situation. You can also click our online customer service or website for telephone consultation or message. Our professional staff will give you detailed introduction and quotation according to your situation.


The agitator arm is made of wear-resistant cast iron, the side lining of the agitator cylinder is made of wear-resistant cast iron, the agitator blade and the lining are made of high chromium and high nickel wear-resistant alloy cast iron, which are durable and wear resistant and have long service life.


We will do a good job in anti-corrosion and anti-rust work for each 1000 concrete mixer, which can be used normally in wet and rainy areas without corrosion. Our agitator shapes refer to the current popular design, high-end atmosphere, and according to customer needs to choose their own color.


Sandblasting derusting process, the compressed air into the power, to form a high speed injection beam will (garnet, copper ore, quartz sand, emery sand, iron ore, hainan) high-speed jet to need to deal with mixer body surfaces, polishing processing welding on the surface of a box body lumps, mixer body get certain cleanliness and different roughness, improve mechanical agitator housing, then daub putty and paint, effectively prolong the service life of 1000 concrete mixer box body.


The actual output of js1000 concrete mixer is not much smaller than its theoretical output. Please keep an eye on China coal group for more information about parameters, price, weight and size of 1000 concrete mixer.