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What Are The Conditions For A Mine Scraper Winch To Run


The mining scraper winches are all driven by planetary gears. The scraper winches have the characteristics of compact structure, good rigidity, high efficiency, convenient installation and movement, stable starting, flexible operation, reliable braking and low noise. Of course, we can use dispatch winches only if the following conditions are met.


   1. Ambient temperature: -10 ~ 40 ℃

   2. Environmental relative humidity does not exceed 95% (25 ° C)

   3. Altitude is below 2000m.

   4. The methane, coal dust, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, etc. in the surrounding air must not exceed the safe content stipulated in the Coal Mine Safety Regulations.

Mine scraper winches are mainly used for dispatching vehicles such as underground depots in the mine, middle lanes, and transportation lanes in mining areas, as well as towing and carrying heavy objects on the ground.