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How To Shotcrete Machine


How to use shotcrete machine? This is very difficult for first-time users of this equipment, but as long as we follow the steps we have summarized, the shotcrete machine is not difficult to use. On the contrary, the shotcrete machine is very easy to use compared to other equipment.


1. The sprayer needs to clamp the clamper during transportation.


2. Before starting, first check whether the various circuits and contacts in the circuit system are firm, and whether there is any damage and leakage.


3. Check the clamping force applied to the rubber sealing plate. The inspection method is: bend the feeding pipe, open the air valve, and when the pressure is greater than 0.3 MPa, no wind pressure is released at the rubber sealing plate.


4. Check whether the connection of each part of the machine is firm and reliable.


5. Observe the pressure gauge closely during use. The pressure of compressed air is 0.5MPa during normal work. If the pressure is too high, the amount of material rebound will increase, and it will easily cause the spray gun hand to hold the spray head tightly, which will cause the spray head to drop off and hurt others. If it is greater than 0.7 MPa, stop the machine immediately to check whether the blasting pipe is blocked.


6. Before stopping, blow out the remaining material in the conveying pipeline, then clean the machine, turn off the power and air source, and loosen the clamping device.


7. When selecting supporting products such as hoses and cables, users must choose products that meet standards or relevant industry standards.


9, the use should strictly adhere to the provisions of the industry safety regulations.


10. The concrete spraying of the shotcrete is powered by compressed air. When in use, the air pressure of the air intake must not exceed 0.63MPa; when the machine is stopped, the air intake valve should be closed reliably to prevent accidents caused by the automatic opening of the spray system.


11. The compressed air hose connected to the shotcrete machine should meet the requirements of the industry standard. The connection with the machine should be firm and reliable to prevent accidents caused by sudden loosening of the joint or sudden burst of the hose.


12. The noise sound pressure level of the concrete shotcrete reaches 85dB (A). We should pay attention to the harm of noise to the human body and try to choose products with relatively low noise. In order to meet the requirements of noise protection in the safety regulations of the industry, when using the concrete shotcrete machine, the operating time should be strictly controlled.


13. When working under the coal mine, pay attention to observe the condition of the roof at any time, to prevent the roof from sudden local fall or broken stones falling, gangs and other injuries to the operator.


14. This machine is mechanical equipment for dust operation, and the dust concentration may reach 10mg / m3. During use, dustproof and dust-reducing measures should be taken at the work place, and operators should wear dustproof masks.


15. There is a continuously rotating rotor at the lower part of the inlet of the machine. Do not insert the hand into the inlet; when removing the rotor, be sure to stop the machine to prevent the rotor from hurting yourself.

How to use shotcrete machine,are you clear now? ?