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Three Holes In The Boom Of The Small Car Crane Usage


There are three holes on the boom of the small car crane we bought. I don't know if you have noticed this detail. The 500 kg small car crane is very simple to use, but in order to save trouble for the manufacturer, some detailed problems have not been explained to the customer, causing many errors in the user's operation. Today we will carefully explain the purpose of the three holes in the boom of the small car crane of the vehicle.

There holes in the small car crane

Take the 500 kg small car crane and the 3000-pound electric winch. There are three holes in the boom of the main small car crane. The first hole lifts 100 kg, the second hole lifts 250 kg, and the third Lifting 500 kg through the hole, and at the same time when using 200 kg, the second hole position must be used. The boom can be adjusted by the actual lifting weight. If lifting more than 300 kg, we To adjust the boom to the 500 kg hole position, a very important point is often overlooked by customers. The electric winch can achieve single rope and double rope hoisting. If lifting 300 kg of goods, we install the wire rope on the moving pulley and use hook Hook the top of the anti-surge rack, so it is safe and convenient to use.