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How To Choose A Crane


With the gradually expanding market of cranes and hoisting machinery, the number of cranes gradually increased according to people's needs. The more models of cranes, the more confused people will be when purchasing cranes. This article mainly introduces the matters needing attention when choosing a crane by the following five aspects.


When choosing an electric crane, the most important thing is to look at the brand, followed by quality. As for the quality of the crane, I will introduce a few points:


 1. Look at the certificate. When choosing an indoor or outdoor crane, first look at its appearance. In general, the crane produced by a small factory has a rough appearance, the surface is mostly spray-treated, and the outer packaging is simple, the manuals and passing certificates are incomplete, and there are no problems such as verification. The crane produced by the big factory has all kinds of certificates, fine workmanship and beautiful appearance.


 2. Look at the pulley. The pulleys produced by regular manufacturers are large in size and excellent in quality and can reach the rated lifting load extremely well, while the pulleys produced by small manufacturers are thin and small, the quality cannot be guaranteed, and there are great hidden dangers in the use process.


 3. Listen to the sound. Plug in the power to run the motor and listen to the sound of the motor. The crane motor produced by a professional manufacturer has a low noise when the motor is running, and the host is stable when working.


 4. Look at the stand. The choice of bracket is very important. A bracket that fails the quality can easily deform or bend during use. The crane brackets produced by regular manufacturers have thick and heavy steel pipes. Most of the main rods are seamless steel pipes with a thickness of more than 5mm, so they appear thick and safe. However, the steel pipes produced by small manufacturers are thin and light, and the wall thickness is not up to standard. There is no guarantee of quality.


 5. View the host. The mainframe chassis made by regular manufacturers is relatively large, and the base is thick and equipped with a tilting device. For small cranes made by small manufacturers, the mainframe does not have any safety measures at all, and the base is not reinforced. It is easy to use during use. There is a rollover, so be sure to look carefully at the host when choosing.


It is easy to buy a small crane, but it is not difficult to buy a crane that you can use with confidence. The above 5 tutorials make it easy for you to buy a crane with a reliable quality assurance.