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Asphalt Concrete Paving Of Artificial Turf Plastic Runway


Artificial turf and plastic runways are standard models of school sports ground construction.Asphalt concrete paving process of artificial turf plastic runway and what should be paid attention to?

When asphalt concrete is paved, the average temperature is not suitable for less than 12 ° C. Sufficient lighting must be provided for paving asphalt concrete at night. Coarse-grained asphalt concrete and fine-grained asphalt concrete are divided into two pavement constructions. The first pavement was constructed with 40mm thick coarse asphalt, and the second pavement was constructed with 30mm thick fine asphalt.


The asphalt is divided into two layers, and the next layer is covered with 50mm medium coarse asphalt concrete. The grain size of the gravel is 40% 13-25mm, 40% 6-9mm, 20% 2-3mm, and the oil content is 4.6-5.8%. Asphalt becomes softer. 83 ℃ or so. The top layer is paved with 40mm fine asphalt concrete, and the grain size of the gravel is 40% 6-13mm, 40% 6-9mm, 20% 2-3mm, and the oil content is 5.9-6.3% asphalt concrete. Before the construction of the asphalt concrete pavement, the next layer should be inspected in an all-round way. The next layer should be dry and free of ash, pumice, soil and dirt.


For asphalt concrete pavement construction, one asphalt paver, 8T vibratory roller and vibratory roller are selected. During pavement construction, overlapping pavement construction is used. The asphalt paver and the vibratory roller are used together to ensure that the temperature is controlled at 75 ℃ -130 ℃ during rolling. During rolling, the vibratory roller is carried out from the lower side to the largest part along the asphalt raw material paving direction. After rolling, a part of the regulations is leveled, there must be no wheel marks, and slag, ground subsidence, cracking, honeycomb and other conditions must be digged. After cleaning up, use the same proportion of asphalt concrete to pave again, and do not use asphalt for surface treatment. In order to ensure the bonding work ability of the asphalt layer and the plastic layer, the roller of the vibratory roller should be used during rolling and scrubbed with cold water. Never use a diesel engine or other heavy oil to scrub it. The temperature of hot-mixed asphalt concrete, pavement construction and compaction shall be strictly controlled, and the compaction degree of rolling shall not be less than 96%. The present temperature should be ≥130 ℃, the rolling temperature should be 120 ℃ -130 ℃ at the beginning, and the rolling temperature should be ≥75 ℃.


Before the pavement construction, set the grid design elevation to manipulate the sample piles to ensure that the pavement construction is thin and flat. The asphalt concrete construction joints must be cleaned first, and then heated with hot asphalt concrete. After heating, the soil layer is removed, and an asphalt sticky layer of oil is sprayed to perform the construction again. The vertical and horizontal joints of the upper and lower layers of the pavement construction should be separated by 40 cm. The cold joints should be laser-cut to make the joints level and dense. The vibratory roller should be driven at a uniform speed. Do not turn, brake or suddenly brake the pedal on the rolling layer. For areas where vibratory rollers are not easy to compact, manual service and vibratory rollers should be used for compaction. The final asphalt concrete density is more than 97%.


After each pavement construction of asphalt concrete, the design elevation, flatness, and vertical and horizontal inclination should be inspected immediately to facilitate the adjustment of deviations immediately after the next step of project construction.


The thickness of the concrete cushion of the plastic runway is different. Therefore, the design elevation of the asphalt concrete cushion is also different. It is necessary to pay attention to the setting-out of the fine-grained asphalt concrete, and reduce the design elevation by the amount of thickening in the plastic thickening area. During the construction of fine asphalt pavement, this area will be constructed first, and then the other locations will be constructed.


After the asphalt concrete base is completed, there must be a maintenance period. Before paving polyurethane concrete cushion, asphalt concrete must be removed, washed, and dry to ensure the color fastness of adhesion.