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Crane Operation Instructions


The crane is a kind of machine tool that can transfer and change the goods. The model of the crane is also very large. Of course, our outdoor crane is also divided into small crane, medium crane, large crane, which are all in accordance with Customized to your needs, when it comes to small lifts, we usually think of 6-storey building lifting materials. Outdoor small cranes can be used not only outdoors but also indoors.


The medium-sized outdoor crane is mainly used for lifting heavy materials on the construction site and workshop.


Large outdoor cranes can be used to lift heavy materials in large construction projects, and it is a breeze to lift a large amount of steel.


The advantages of the use of the crane are many small size, light weight, convenient installation, simple operation, excellent performance, fast running speed and flexible operation, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of the porter and improves the working efficiency. Although the crane has many advantages, it is not possible to carry out the lifting operation under any circumstances. Below we will say that under what circumstances it is strictly forbidden to carry out lifting operations.


1. Excessive weight or volume is too large to hang;

2. The following operators do not have a helmet to hang;

3. When the light is dark at night, it will not hang;

4, the small crane hanging people do not hang;

5, the goods are loose and not hanging;

6, the small crane wire rope is not hanged;

7. Hang the hook workers without leaving;

8, the small crane safety system fails to hang;

9, the edge of the blade is not packed and not hanging;


It is strictly forbidden to carry out lifting operations when encountering the above situations. I hope that everyone can pay attention to it, standardize operation and safe operation.