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How To Choose The Wire Rope Of A Small Crane


Small cranes and small lifting machines are a major breakthrough in China's lifting and lifting equipment industry. In recent years, the small crane industry has developed very rapidly, and there have been straight-line lifting machines, small lifting machines, portable lifting machines, and miniatures. Lifting equipment with outstanding performance advantages such as lifting machines and portable small cranes.

Wire rope is an indispensable part of the micro-lifting machine. It is the main component of the lifting machine. The selection of the wire rope has great influence on the lifting efficiency and lifting safety. So how to choose the small crane wire rope?


Most of the current small lifting machines use 5mm steel wire ropes. Some manufacturers use 4mm or 6mm steel wire ropes. Many users feel that the steel wire ropes are thin and the rough ones are replaced. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. The thickness of the wire rope is important, but the quality of the wire rope is the most important. The load-bearing data of the wire rope is expressed by KN. Compared with the commonly used kilograms, it is somewhat difficult to understand. However, the 5mm steel wire rope used by the general manufacturer can reach 600kg or more as long as it meets the national standard. Blindly worried that the wire rope is redundant. However, the diameter of the wire rope has a great influence on the hoisting weight of the small lifting machine. The motor speed is fixed, the wire rope is thick, and the rope wheel becomes larger, which will cause the speed to increase, and the speed becomes faster and the hoisting weight is reduced. Therefore, if you want to hang more, you should reduce the diameter of the wire rope. And control the length of the wire rope in a reasonable position. The long rope wheel will also become larger, so do not blindly replace the thick or long wire rope. To increase the lifting speed, you can change the wire rope. However, the hoisting weight will inevitably decrease, and the fish and bear's paw can't have both. Some manufacturers say that 6mm, 35m ordinary wire rope is not suitable for configuration. The wire rope is not in the thickness but in the quality.


In addition, lifting machines, small cranes, small lifting machines, portable lifting machines, micro-lifting machines, etc. are also the supporting products of fixed-column and wall-type jib cranes. At this time, the wire ropes of molten or hot metal should be High temperature resistant steel wire rope such as asbestos core.