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Underground Mining Hoist Winch Design


A hoist is a light and small lifting device that uses a drum to wind a steel wire rope or a chain to lift or pull heavy objects, also known as a winch. The hoist can lift heavy objects vertically, horizontally or obliquely. The hoist is divided into three types: manual hoist, electric hoist and hydraulic hoist. At present, electric hoists are mainly used. It can be used alone or as a component of lifting, road building and mine hoisting machinery. It is widely used due to its simple operation, large amount of rope, and easy displacement. Mainly used for material lifting or leveling of construction, water conservancy projects, forestry, mines, docks, etc. Today I mainly introduce the design details of our company hoist.

The reel is optimized by finite element method and designed as thick shell and thin branch structure. Q345 high quality alloy steel plate is welded and formed; The deformation of the reel after the load can be rapidly spread, and the stress deformation is not concentrated. And the bearing capacity and resistance of the reel are effectively improved. Fatigue strength. The reel is integrally welded. The forged steel for the main shaft is processed by normalizing heat treatment to have sufficient bending and torsion resistance.


The material is medium carbon alloy steel. The main bearing is made of Luoyang Bearing General Factory to produce rolling bearings. The design cycle life is indefinite, and the surface of the drum is equipped with detachable wear-resistant engineering plastic liner.


The main shaft device is the main load-bearing component of the hoist. It carries the full torque of the hoist and the tension of the wire rope on the wheel during operation. Therefore, its safety and reliability directly affect the safety of equipment and life.


The hoist spindle device is mainly composed of a main shaft, a hub, a fixed reel, a rolling bearing housing, a gasket and a coupling, and the like. High-strength bolt assemblies and interference fits ensure safety and reliability during operation.


The main shaft adopts integral 45# forged steel heat treatment after forging, and the transitional arc of appropriate diameter is changed at the main shaft variable diameter. The spindle is fully machined and the journal is ground. The spindle has a flaw detection report and a physical and chemical performance analysis inspection report. Ensure that the mechanical properties meet or exceed the standard requirements, the reel is more integrated with the overall welded structure, or two-half split structure to meet the transportation and installation conditions. The reel wheel and the main shaft are connected to the support wheel through a high-strength bolt group, and the support wheel and the main shaft are integrally forged.


The pad on the reel wheel is a rope groove protection wire rope. The padding is simple and reliable, and can withstand various stresses occurring during the operation of the wire rope without swaying.