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Mine Hoist Winch Model Meaning


Mine hoist winches are divided into large and small models, which belong to 25 international types. According to the conditions of mine wellheads, non-standard models can only be implemented after consultation with customers. Among the 25 models of the national standard, there are seven types of JTP-1.0m, JTP-1.2m, JTP-1.6m, JK-2.0m, JK-2.5m, JK-3.0m, and JK-3.5m. Each type of winch has the difference of a single cylinder and a double cylinder. Both the single cylinder and the double cylinder are available in two models.






The specific meaning of the model of the mining hoist winch is 2JTP-1.6×1.2P, and “2” refers to the double drum, and the single cylinder is not marked. "J" is a hoist, "T" is a mining hoist, "P" is a disc brake, "B" is explosion-proof, non-explosion-proof type is not marked. "1.6" refers to the diameter of the drum, "1.2" refers to the width of the drum, and "P" refers to the frequency conversion. Mine hoist winch mainly consists of main shaft, reducer, hydraulic station, coupling, disc brake, arch type depth indicator, electric motor, network operation console, power cabinet, main control cabinet, frequency conversion cabinet brake cabinet, speed detection point It consists of equipment, electric control, sky wheel and drum.