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What Is A Diesel Engine Crane Used For


The emergence of diesel engine cranes, lifting machines, small lifting machines, portable lifting machines and miniature cranes has effectively solved the current situation of difficult transportation of high-rise building decoration materials. The diesel engine crane is small in size and light in weight, and can be carried by one person. Moreover, the diesel engine crane is high and the speed is fast, and the 30-story building can be played back and forth in 8 minutes. Specifically, what are the uses and characteristics of the diesel engine crane?

What Is A Diesel Engine Crane Used For

The diesel engine crane is suitable for lifting items of less than 300 kg in various occasions, especially for high-rise buildings. It is very convenient to lift heavy household items from the downstairs and is suitable for lifting small parts in various occasions. goods. Moreover, the diesel engine crane and the portable diesel engine crane are simple in structure, convenient to install, small and exquisite, and use single-phase electric power as a power source, and are widely used, and are widely used in modern production lines of machinery manufacturing, electronics, automobiles, shipbuilding, and the like. The lifter is better able to display its excellent quality in warehouses, docks, ingredients and hanging baskets.

The main features of the portable diesel engine crane are: small size, light weight, convenient installation, simple operation and excellent performance. It is a small-scale machine with a wide range of applications, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of the transport workers and improves their work efficiency. . The power unit of the lifting machine is mainly composed of a motor, a speed reducer, a clutch, a brake, a rope drum and a wire rope, and the motor is designed with a mechanism of power-off or braking, and the motor is also equipped with a thermal switch, which can effectively prevent the motor from overheating and burned.