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What Are The Advantages Of Variable Frequency Hoist Winches


The advantages of variable frequency hoist winches are mainly reflected in four aspects, which affect its frequency of use and industry:


1 Reduce maintenance and repair costs: The variable frequency hoist winch control system with variable frequency control as the control core makes the winch control performance and protection performance more perfect; the variable frequency hoist winche failure rate is reduced by more than 80% compared with the original old electronic control system, and the equipment maintenance rate is reduced by 50%. The cost is reduced by more than 65% compared with the same period, which has greater safety benefits.

2 Energy-saving effect is remarkable: the variable frequency hoist winche control circuit adopts the frequency conversion speed control system, which has better energy-saving effect than the original series resistance speed control electronic control system. The frequency conversion speed control system takes the vector control technology as the core, eliminates the input of the original winch string starting resistor, reduces the resistance and voltage drop loss, and saves the equipment power loss.

3 Improve safety performance: Through the use of frequency conversion technology, the problem of poor reliability of the original electronic control system is solved, the maintenance rate and accident rate of equipment operation are reduced, and the labor intensity of workers is reduced. Since use, the winch has been running stably without failure; The safety and reliability of the control system saves equipment maintenance costs and ensures the safe operation of the variable frequency hoist winche.

4 The operation is simple, only simple forward and reverse control is needed, and each acceleration/deceleration point automatically controls the speed, which reduces the labor intensity of the operator.