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Factors Affecting The Small Crane Lifting Weights


Factors affecting the lifting weight of small crane ,we have summarized the following five points:


1. If the angle between the inclined arm and the column exceeds 45 degrees, the hoisting weight will decrease. The angle between the inclined arm and the column is well controlled within 45 degrees. The smaller the angle, the better.

2. The quality of the small crane motor is definitely an important factor. Generally, the big manufacturers choose the motors that have passed the quality certification of famous manufacturers. Although sometimes there will be quality problems in very few motors, the stable motor quality can make you trust.

3. The diameter and length of the wire rope are often overlooked factors. If you choose a wire rope with a large diameter or a long length, it will cause the diameter of the drum to increase. Because the rotation speed of the motor is, it will inevitably lead to an increase in the speed of the motor, which will reduce the power of the motor and reduce the small crane’s lifting weight. When using, use the appropriate wire rope as much as possible. The wire rope should also be matched with a suitable length. Many wire ropes of different lengths are used.

4. Voltage is a key factor and a common factor affecting the small crane lifting weight. Generally, the new residential area is used for temporary electricity, and the voltage instability will often occur, which will lead to the problem that the motor is not strong and the lifting weight is reduced. If the voltage exceeds this range fluctuation, it will cause different degrees of heat generation of the motor, resulting in a decrease in the power of the motor and a decrease in the lifting weight.