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What Matters Should You Care About The Building Small Cranes


Construction cranes generally operate more on construction sites. In the face of some high-rise buildings, the personnel who operate the cranes are also a little bit afraid. In the face of a few hundred meters of air, we feel the same. China coal lifts the following content will tell you in detail what should be the main thing when lifting the items on the construction site.


1. Building small cranes During the construction process, construction personnel must have a specific division of labor and clear responsibilities. In the whole hoisting process, it is necessary to abide by the order of the scene, obey orders and listen to the command, and must not leave the job without authorization.

2. In the process of lifting, there should be a unified command signal. All personnel involved in the construction must be familiar with this signal, so that the operation positions can be coordinated.

3. When hoisting, the signal is dispatched by the staff below. The commander below should transmit the signal quickly and accurately, and leave the danger zone in time before the lifting begins.

4. The Sand crane should be cleaned on site during the whole construction process to remove obstacles for operation. Fasten your seat belt during operation and keep it in a safe place. The tool should have a safety rope and it is not allowed to throw things down at will.

5. Personnel must wear a safety helmet. For winter construction, the protective ear should be placed down to prevent hearing. Keep the wire away from the wire rope. The handle wire should be wound around the motor. The wire should be separated from the wire rope. It is strictly forbidden to touch.

6. Before loading the construction, contact the local meteorological department to understand the weather conditions. Generally, it is not allowed to work in rain, snow, open air or night. If it is necessary, it must have anti-slip and sufficient lighting measures. When hoisting at six levels, large equipment must not be hoisted when the wind is greater than five.

7. After the investigation, the confirmation is correct, and the lifting order can be issued.