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Analysis Of Current Status And Future Development Of Self-Mixing Concrete Mixing Pump Industry


The fundamental way out for agriculture lies in mechanization. Similarly, the urbanization construction advocated in recent years has also developed steadily in the wave of mechanization. As we all know, housing construction, roads, and water conservancy are inseparable from concrete. The concrete production method includes artificial mixing and mechanical mixing. In addition to engineering decoration and decoration, artificial mixing materials have basically withdrawn from the concrete construction market, and mechanical mixing materials have become the mainstay of concrete construction, which is indispensable. With the selection and inspection of the market over the years, mechanical blending has been derived from two blending methods: commercial blending and self-mixing. According to incomplete statistics, the commercial concrete mixing pump market in developed regions has an 80% market share, and in remote areas or mountainous areas, concrete mixing pump market has a market share of 60%. How do you view or utilize this 20% or 40% self-mixing concrete mixer pump market? The following analysis was made.

1. Self-mixing concrete mixing pump industry status

1) Mixing equipment

There is a common mixer, only with a stirring function; the concrete mixing pump can both stir and transport.

2) Concrete quality

The strength of the concrete stirred by the ordinary mixer is large, the degree of dryness and wetness is different, the ratio of sandstone water is chaotic; the concrete mixing pump has strict stirring parameter setting, the concrete is stirred evenly, and the mixing pump with conveying pipeline can directly convey the concrete to the specified pouring part will not cause secondary damage to the steel bars and water pipes.

3) Production efficiency

The mixer with climbing function, commonly known as "Ivy", can only pour 30-50 square meters per hour in the same thickness; and the concrete mixing pump can cast 100-150 square meters per hour, which is 3-4 times. Directly reduce energy consumption and labor costs by 70%-75%.

4) Self-mixing equipment survival status

The mixing equipment headed by the ivy, including the concrete mixing pump such as the tow mixer and the mast crane, competes fiercely with each other, mainly serving small floors, floors and other venues. Pressing each other down the price, the gross profit of 100 square meters of floor space is between 200 RMB and 400 RMB. This kind of vicious competition occurs because of the low production efficiency and low transportation mode and the wide range of business.

The mixing equipment, including the stirring pump, including the stirring pump, the stirring vehicle pump, and the stirring pump, has achieved good development momentum between urban and rural areas. By 2018, only Shandong Province’s concrete mixing pumps have more than 2,000 in the market. Why is the mixing pump still has such a large living space in the current situation of high commercial penetration? Because the mixing pump can do all kinds of complicated projects, including power infrastructure, water infrastructure, mountain housing construction, and suburban housing construction. Moreover, these projects are relatively difficult and require special equipment and experienced teams to complete.

2. Problems facing

1) Competition with business mix

Regardless of the type of mixing equipment, it is now facing the threat of rapid spread of business mix. As a commodity, commerce is a professional management production team with traceability from the source to the end. The main reason is that the quality of the self-mixing materials is uneven, the labor intensity is high, and the management is chaotic.

2) Competition between industries

The information between peers is not interoperable, and there are often busy schedules, idle work, or price wars. There are often no minimums, only lower ones. In fact, the concrete industry is a very hard industry. If the profit is too low, it will not be proportional to the hard work.

3) Labor shortage

When pouring concrete, it is a hard work. For the simplest creeper workers, the cement workers are labor-intensive, and the instability of the posts directly determines the boss's labor rate.

3. Future development

1) The quality control of self-mixing materials will become more and more strict, and the self-mixing material construction mode will develop towards standardization and environmental protection trends.

2) The replacement of other small mixing equipment by the concrete mixing pump will become an inevitable event, and the concrete mixing pump will also be updated and developed in a more intelligent, humanized, light-weight and environmentally friendly direction.

3) Through the integration of resources in the market, in all regions of the country, self-mixing and pouring companies will emerge as the times require, and in the rural urbanization market, it has an absolute advantage.