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Welcome the Leadership Of China Unicom Shandong Branch to Visit China Coal Group For Cooperation


Afternoon of November 24, China Unicom Shandong Branch General Manager Zhang Na, Industrial Information Big Data Support Engineer Xing Haiyang, China Unicom Jining Branch Group Division department Director Yang Tao and Manager Yang Rui visted Shandong China Coal Group to inspect and cooperation on the enterprise Internet of Things building, big data support and other related business, China Coal Group Deputy general manager Li Zhenbo, Fan Peigong, Sun Shijun and other leaders received the visiting leaders.
The leaders of China Unicom visited China Coal Group e-commerce companies, cross-border e-commerce companies, network information companies, software technology company and learn more about the development achievements of China Coal Group in e-commerce, cross-border e-commerce, intelligent equipment, high-tech agriculture, network information, software technology and other fields, watched the demonstration of high-tech agriculture plane and intelligent robots, and highly praised to China Coal Group. At the symposium, manager Li said focus on the China Coal Group's actively explore and efforts on the enterprise networking building, big data platform support and other fields. Leaders of China Unicom said as the leading enterprise of e-commerce enterprises in Shandong Province, China Coal Group has commercial business experience and the rich transaction data of six major e-commerce platforms, they hope strengthen the strategic cooperation with China Coal Group, jointly promote the construction of Jining City enterprise Internet of Things building, and promote the rapid development of big data industry! Subsequently, the two sides expert in-depth exchange the ideas on the Internet of Things era, how to use big data platform to accurately locate the global distribution of customers and market demand, how things through the Internet and big data promote Group's companies faster and better develop and other various issues, and successfully reached cooperation.
General Manager Li said that with the rapid development of information technology, China Coal Group has gradually from the Internet, mobile Internet development into the Internet of Things era, as the province's model enterprise of Internet of Things era in Shandong Province,hope through the cooperation with China Unicom further promote Shandong province Independent Innovation in the Internet of Things, injecting new impetus for the Group's future sustainable and healthy development.