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China Coal Group Invited To Zoucheng Signing Ceremony for Key Cultural Project And Signing Ceremony


Morning of November 24, Zoucheng top ten key cultural tourism projects contract-signing ceremony was held in Ze Lin Mountion Hotel. Deputy secretary of municipal party committee of Jining Liu Zhonghui attended the signing ceremony and made important speech, Municipal party committee secretary of Zoucheng Liu Jingwu delivered a speech, Several leaders of Zoucheng and Jining and more than 100 specially invited guests participated in the activities. Shandong China Coal Group as the key project contract enterprise was invited, and group deputy general manager Han Yong attended on behalf of China Coal Group.
Zoucheng municipal party committee secretary Liu Jingwu delivered a speech firstly. He said, Zoucheng continuously optimized innovation entrepreneurship policy environment in recent years, it caused a upsurge about public business and peoples innovation, and strove to build innovation service platform like Maker Space, Entrepreneurship Centre, Dream town, ect. In addition, we took advantage of internet+ actively improved the efficiency of the industrial chain, cultivating innovative entrepreneurship as the core of the new economy demonstration site, then emerging out many outstanding Maker enterprises, and building a strong atmosphere of public business and peoples innovation. He said, the top ten key cultural tourism projects signing ceremony would play a great role in promoting Zoucheng innovation and development of culture tourism.
In the meeting, deputy general manager of Shandong China Coal Group Han Yong signed Dream Town Cultural and Creative Park project agreement with Zoucheng Tang town mayor Liu Bing. Both two sides achieved deep strategic cooperation in many aspects, like enterprise information construction, electric businessman training, film and TV culture media ,joint manufacturing, ect. According to the informaition, Dream Town is the subject characteristics of startup hubs of the masses on the circular economy in Zoucheng Tangcun town. It was supported by open inclusive service business ecological system, attracting circular economy class, Internet startup class, culture on creative class, and production service project. Promoting talent and service innovation, and striving to build small micro enterprise incubation platform, and building the good atmosphere of public entrepreneurship and all innovation. Town mayor Liu said, Tangcun town cultivated fostering innovative entrepreneurial culture ,leading makers into the city across the tide of economic transformation, then we successes in hosting the activities of  Dream Town First Maker Meeting. But due to weak township and enterprises lack of experience, so we urgently need to cooperate with big business company such as China Coal Group. China Coal Group as the province's innovative business model of successful transition is experienced in the Internet innovation and development, enterprise B2B e-commerce platform development and electric businessman training. Hoping through this cooperation, we both strengthen communication and cooperation and win-win Seek common development, then better promote the development of innovation of Tangcun town industrial enterprises.
  After the signing ceremony, deputy secretary of municipal party committee of Jining Liu Zhonghui made an important speech. He pointed out that promoting the public entrepreneurship and united innovation was an important strategic deployment that the Party Central Committee and State Council made in the economic development of the new normal. The relevant departments at all levels in the city are in accordance with the national unified deployment and requirements sticking to business innovation needs, minimize the barriers to entry, further optimize the service measures, open up more convenient and efficient green channel for the whole  entrepreneurial innovation people. Vigorously promote entrepreneurial innovation achievements to real productivity, rapidly to form the public business and peoples innovation vivid situation in the city. At the same time, he encouraged the innovative entrepreneurs to keep up with the trend of the times, grasp the development trend and seize opportunities for development and positive contribution to the development of the city's economic innovation transformation.
Manager Han said, China Coal Group as the ministry of industry and e-commerce integration innovation demonstration enterprises, China's Internet industry excellent enterprise, electronic commerce Innovative companies in Shandong province, e-commerce model enterprise in Shandong province and outstanding enterprises Jining city electronic commerce association unit was willing to share the successful experience of enterprise innovation and development with everyone. In order to lead more enterprises and talents onto the road of innovation transformation development, China Coal Group founded the Jining City Industry and Commerce Vocational Training School, it relied on China Coal Group of powerful strength and rich experience in personnel training, providing specification quality training platform for the national industrial enterprises and talents. Through this depth of cooperation with Tangcun town, we hoped to better promote the development of Dream Town park project, resource sharing, win-win cooperation, make more positive contribution for the innovative development of the national industrial enterprises.