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Shandong China Coal Group E-commerce Development Experience Exchange Forum Held in Tangcun Town, Zoucheng City


On the morning of November 20, for the warm invitation of Tangcun Town, Zoucheng City, Shandong China Coal Group Deputy General Manager Han Yong, Li Zhenbo, Sun Shijun, Shenhua Information Technology Deputy General Manager Miao Peizhuang and several other leaders as the special guest visited Zoucheng Tangcun Town and held a forum on the China Coal Group e-commerce development experience, and shared the successful development experience of Group's e-commerce, more than 30 large enterprises in Zoucheng City participated the activities.
At the form, Li Zhenbo, the deputy general manager of China Coal Group, gave a detailed account of the successful experience of China Coal Group in modern e-commerce, manager Li said that the development of modern enterprise e-commerce is the only way to improve the competitiveness of enterprises, as an example of e-commerce industry in the Provincial and even national which was through the e-commerce information industry to boost the successful transformation of traditional enterprises, China Coal Group was willing to share the experience of e-commerce development, so that let more traditional enterprises onto the road of modern e-commerce development. Manager Li also introduced China Coal Group's self-development and operation cross-border e-commerce platform which is the world's leading e-commerce platform and the first domestic mining machinery industry e-commerce platform. Manager Li said that the has made outstanding contributions to promote the country's machinery manufacturing industry transformation and upgrading, we warmly welcome Zoucheng City's enterprises settled on, let us work together to better promote the traditional transformation and upgrading of enterprises in Zoucheng. Subsequently, Sun Shijun, the deputy general manager of China Coal Group answered the questions raised by entrepreneurs one by one, and made professional solutions, the on-site exchange is very warm, our answers praised by various enterprises.
Tangcun Town Secretary Gao gave high affirmative to the e-commerce development of China Coal Group, he said now the township e-commerce is facing a major development opportunity, urgently need to make the characteristics of Tangcun better sale out by e-commerce, and made famous Brand, but the strength is not strong enough, lack of experience, so we need to stand on the shoulders of giants, make cooperation with large enterprises China Coal Group and others like this, and learning the advanced e-commerce development experience, strengthen both sides in e-commerce, personnel training and other all-round cooperation, to better promote the development of Tangcun e-commerce enterprises!
After the meeting, manager Han, manager Li, manager Sun and other leaders were invited to visit the Tangcun Town, Zoucheng City, and learned more situations of numbers large-scale manufacturing enterprises in machinery manufacturing, intelligent industry, enterprise information and other aspects of Tangcun Town. Manager Han said that very glad to have the opportunity to interact with the entrepreneurs of Tangcun on e-commerce development, China Coal Group as the innovation demonstration enterprises of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and e-commerce demonstration enterprises and outstanding enterprises of Shandong Province willing to sharethe success of e-commerce experience. In order to lead more enterprises and personnel to embark on the road of e-commerce development, China Coal Group founded the e-commerce training school, the school relies on China Coal Group's strong strength and rich experience in e-commerce training, provide standardized, high-quality training platform for the national e-commerce business companies and talents, hope through the depth cooperation with Tangcun enterprises, make a positive contribution together to the rapid development of e-commerce!