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Shandong China Coal Group Invited to Yantai Nanshan University 2017 Mutual Selection Job Fair


November 19 morning, Yantai Nanshan University 2017 Campus Mutual Selection Job Fair was held in Yantai Nanshan University Donghai Campus. Shandong China Coal Group, as Yantai Nanshan University school-enterprise cooperation unit was invited to participate in. Group Vice President Fan Peigong and some other Group HR Department leaders went to the job fair site to recruit fresh talents for the development of the Group!
At the job fair, the job listings of China Coal Group, like e-commerce, cross-border e-commerce, foreign language, software development and other positions were warmly sought after by the majority of graduates, the staff of the Group Human Resources Department patiently introduced the development process and the future direction and broad prospects of China Coal Group to each intentional job seekers, attracted a large number of job seekers on-site consultation, and resume delivery. Shandong China Coal Group, as a leading enterprise in the development of e-commerce in Shandong Province, has made outstanding achievements in many fields such as e-commerce, international trade, software development, intelligent terminal manufacturing, etc., and as the leader of Shandong Province as well as the Nation in enterprise information construction, has been spoken high of for many times by the national leadership.
China Coal Group, as Yantai Nanshan University school-enterprise cooperation unit, the two sides made the depth of cooperation in the build of school-enterprise information exchange platform, the implementation of school-enterprise common training mode, the establishment of efficient personnel training system and other aspects. Yantai Nanshan University set up e-commerce order classes for China Coal Group to carry out talent cultivation according to the orders of the Group; China Coal Group set up Group E-commerce Branch in the Nanshan University to embed the part of the Group business in the daily teaching of the university, so that students can really come into contact with the actual business in the school, which broke the status that college student was an armchair strategist to better meet the needs of society for talent, well achieved a win-win situation between school and enterprises.
President Fan said that China Coal Group attaches great importance to the cultivation of reserve personnel, and has established a long-term cooperation with a number of key universities and colleges, and the Group leaders have repeatedly went to the major national college graduates job fairs to recruit more talents. The next step, the Group will further expand the scale of school-enterprise cooperation with major colleges and universities, enhance the level of cooperation, and provide strong talent protection for the Group's global development through the introduction of outstanding talent resources.