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Warm Congratulation Upon the Establishment of Jining Industry and Information Commercial Vocational Training School


Good news--after passed the audition of Jining Civil Affairs Bureau, Jining Industry and Information Commercial Vocational Training School which founded and invested by Shandong China Coal Group was registered officially according to the relevant law and issued the People-run Non-enterprise Unit Registration certificate. The official establishment of Jining Industry and Information Commercial Vocational Training School marked Shandong China Coal Group has achieved a new breakthrough in the field of vocational skills training.
Jining Industry and Information Commercial Vocational Training School welcome every youth in the national. Our training scale is 5000 people each year.The lessons mainly including Computer operation, Electronic commerce, Logistics, International trade, Software and Information, Electronic and Information Engineering and other field of occupation skill training. The school will rely on the Shandong China Coal Group' strong strength and rich training experience, combines with the domestic large and medium-sized enterprises' mass demand on the high-end talents of e-commerce, logistics, international trade, computer software & information and other aspects during their transformation and upgrading,routinely invite the experts from Tsinghua University, Peking University Professor, Chinese Electronic Commerce Association and the well-known lecturers of Baidu, Google, Alibaba, and persons in charge of domestic large and medium-sized enterprises come to our school for teaching our trainees. Graduated students will take the vocational training assessment, outstanding students will have the opportunity for directly employed by Shandong China Coal Group, or the chance of recommendations employment by the school to the number of large-and-middle-scale key enterprise.Here the outstanding students can achieve the high salary dream!
Jining Industry and Information Commercial Vocational Training School Chairman Qu Qing said,the school will absolutely obey the country's relevant provisions on the non-governmental vocational training, observe the Constitution, Laws, regulations, and policies of the state and improve social moral fashion.We will enhance our own building and teaching management, ensure the quality of training,be honesty and self-discipline, build and improve the internal management system, strictly follow the rules and regulations of the school.With the five major advantages of diversified subjects, professional and experiential teachers, standard teaching environment, flexible training mode and high quality service, we will provide a first-class vocational training platform for the general students. At the same time, we also hope to cooperate with more enterprises to cultivate high-quality skill type talent through order-form training for achieving the win-win result among the individual, enterprise, social development.