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Warmly Welcome Leaders Of Jining High-Tech Zone Comprehensive Bonded Area to Visit China Coal Group


Afternoon of October 19th, Wu Jingguo, the director of Jining High-tech Zone comprehensive bonded area, visited Shandong China Coal Group on the Cross-border E-commerce development of our Group with deputy director Yang Duanxiao, section chief Li Ruozi. Group chairman and general manager Qu Qing, deputy general manager Han Yong, office director Guan Chenghui and other leaders accompanied and Received the leadership.
Director Wu under the lead of chairman Qu, visited our four major E-commerce Companies, Cross-border E-commerce Companies, Network Information Companies, Software Technology Companies, Agricultural Technology Companies, Kate Intelligent Robots Company, etc. took a detail understanding of the development achievements of E-commerce, Cross-border E-commerce and other areas of our group in recent years, and focused on discussing the international trade import and export development of Our Group. Chairman Qu said that since 2011, China Coal Group began to develop Cross-border E-commerce, built a overseas marketing team that including English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic and other professionals foreign language talents, through the Group's self- E-commerce platform the products are exported to 141 countries and regions, up to 48 million customers worldwide, listed as model innovation enterprise by China Ministry of Industry and Information. Director Wu and other leaders gave very high evaluation to our Group's development achievements of Cross-border E-commerce foreign trade! He said that the current situation of China's foreign trade is grim, Cross-border E-commerce is the direction that must be developed. Comprehensive bonded area of high-tech zones will launch a series of preferential policies and incentives to provide more quality services for enterprises, fully support the construction and development of enterprises. Hope that the China Coal Group keep responding positively to the national foreign import and export trade policies, continue to play the leading role in scientific and technological innovation area, and strive to make more contributions to the development of China's foreign import and export trade!
Chairman Qu said that thanks to all the leaders for their support to the development of China Coal Group, as the largest Cross-border E-commerce enterprises in Southwest China, China Coal Group will actively play an exemplary role, increase product innovation, and strengthen the comprehensive cooperation with the comprehensive bonded area, and strive to create a new situation in the foreign import and export trade of China Coal Group!