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Pakistan Businessmen Visited China Coal Group for Procurement


Morning of October 6, businessmen from Pakistan came to Shandong China Coal Group Industrial Park to have an investigation about packaging equipment procurement and other related matters. Tian Cong, deputy general manager of China Coal Group Cross-border E-commerce Company, received the guests warmly.
The main purpose of the site inspection for Pakistan businessmen this time is to purchase hand sealer, foot sealing machine, pneumatic band sealer machine and a series of new sealing equipment. Under the leadership of President Tian, the Pakistani businessmen visited the Group intelligent equipment production workshop, carefully observed the production process of the equipment at the first production site, checked the sample, and listened to the detailed description about the technical parameters and performance advantages of the product. Merchants said that China Coal Group in the overseas sales market has very high visibility, and through the all-round site inspection about the Group production capacity, technology research and development capabilities, product qualification and other aspects, they had a comprehensive understanding about the strength and sincerity of cooperation of China Coal. Meanwhile, the excellent product quality, warm and thoughtful service of China Coal is very trustworthy and strengthened their confidence of long-term cooperation with China Coal. Later,the two sides on the procurement of equipment and other issues had an in-depth negotiation, the merchants signed a procurement contract on the spot,and paid on-site, the two sides reached a long-term strategic cooperation.
In recent years, China Coal Group based on the world, kept the whole world in view, vigorously developed international trade e-commerce, increased international market development efforts, and has established a long-term cooperative relations with a number of large enterprises at home and abroad, product sales kept a commanding lead in related industry, and established a good reputation. In the future, China Coal Group will further expand overseas market, expand the scale of foreign trade, enhance the Group's high-tech strength in the field of intelligent control, accelerate the Group's innovation and transformation of high-tech industry products, and strive to create a new situation of foreign trade import and export.

Pakistan Businessmen Visited China Coal Group for Procurement