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China Coal Group Invited to Zoucheng City SMEs Public Service Center Theme Salon Activity


August 26th afternoon, Zoucheng City SMEs public service center theme salon activity was successfully held, nearly 20 enterprises directors of Zoucheng City participated in the salon activity. The salon invited Shandong China Coal Vice President Li ZhenBo, deputy general manager Sun Shijun, Shenhua Information Technology Co., Ltd. deputy general manager Miao Peizhuang to make live lectures. They communicated with everyone, shared the successful business development experience of e-commerce, and won unanimously welcomed by enterprises on site.
The theme of this salon was traditional enterprise's e-commerce development. At the meeting, China Coal Group Vice President Li Zhenbo explained to everyone the successful experience of China Coal Group's modern e-commerce sales, manager Li said the only way to improve the competitiveness of enterprises is the modern enterprise e-commerce,China Coal Group as the industry model of successful boosted transition traditional enterprise through e-commerce information industry in national and provincial, willing to share development experience of e-commerce with public, hope more enterprises embark on modernization e-commerce development road. Manager Li detailed introduced world's leading e-commerce platform which is independent development operations by China Coal Group, and it is the first cross-border e-commerce platform of mining machinery industry in domestic. Manager Li said made outstanding contributions to promote the country's machinery manufacturing industry, industrial transformation and upgrading, we warmly welcome Zoucheng enterprises registered, let us work together to better promote the transformation and upgrading of Zoucheng traditional enterprises! At the meeting, our Group's achievements in the field of e-commerce were highly recognized by the participating enterprises.
Then, Shandong China Coal Group deputy general manager Sun Shijun, Shenhua Information Technology Co., Ltd. deputy general manager Miao Peizhuang made a specific analysis for enterprise development situation. Through type of exchanges and discussions, find enterprises' problems in the development of e-commerce road. Manager Sun professional answered the questions raised by entrepreneurs, site atmosphere was very enthusiastic. Manager Li said, very happy to have this interact opportunity with enterprises directors, as Jining E-Commerce Association president, Shandong China Coal Group willing to share with everyone the success of e-commerce experiences, paly innovative and exemplary role, make more contribution to the rapid development of the national e-commerce.