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Shandong China Coal Group Held Series of Activities to Celebrate The 67th Anniversary of National Day


In October,the 67th Anniversary of National Day is coming,in order to enhance the staff's centripetal force and cohesion, to stimulate the enthusiasm, and create a positive working atmosphere, Shandong China Coal Group, all the staff gathered to held series of activities to celebrate The 67th Anniversary of National Day.
At 8 o'clock in the morning,we first held a solemn flag-raising ceremony.With the magnificent "volunteer march" ;sounded in the air, the national flag and China Coal flag slowly rising ,and it adds a divine color to the blue sky.All our group employees under the leadership of the Deputy General Manager Feng Zhenying,wearing starched tooling,standing in neatly queues,looked at the national flag, saluted the bright Five-Starred Red Flag and saluted the China Coal Group flag! The determined look expressed the staff'sloyalty and love to our motherland and Group!Then manager Feng made a speech on behalf of Group,he asked all employees to maintain a high degree of consistency with the group leadership team,to grasp business and create benefits with high enthusiasm for work,and make a positive contribution on achieving “Hundreds millionaires, gathering ten million, making billions China Coal ”!
After the flag raising ceremony,all employees of the Group held a celebration meeting at the China Coal Group Auditorium.At the meeting,Group executive vice president Han Yong on behalf of the Group read out the 2016 Shandong Coal Group excellent employees list,Ru Yan, Zhao Qiaoling, Cheng Dongmei from the First E-commerce Company,Fan Yaping, Zhu Shengnan, Wu Qian from the Second E-commerce Company,Zhang Xiaoqiao, Shi Juan, Han Minmin from the Third E-commerce Company,Dong Xiujuan, Yu Shengnan from the Fourth E-commerce Company,New industry company Chen Zhongxi,International Trade Company Zhang Miao, Xu Juan, Zhu Ranran,Shandong China Transport Logistics Group Chen Yong and other 16 employees were named the 2016 Shandong China Coal Group outstanding employees. Then, under the presidency of Group General Manager Feng Zhenying,during the general meeting, elected the members of the First Leading Group of China Coal Group Youth League Committee and China Coal Group Women's Committee, elected Guan Chenghui as Secretary of Communist Youth League of China Coal, Yu Cui, Lu Shuli elected as a member of the Communist Youth League Committee, Liu Qingqiu as the organization memmber, Wan Na as propaganda members, Yang Qingqing, Rong Bei, Li Chuanshu for the Youth League members; elected Wan Na as China Coal Group Women's Committee, Yang Qingqing as deputy director, Liu Qingqiu, Han Lin, Zhang Wenfang, Chen Changqian, Chang Lihua as the women's federations. Group General Manager Feng Zong personally read the appointment.
After the recognition, the Group companies organized a variety of cultural programs to celebrate the 67th birthday of the motherland. The employees actively participate in the activity and display their special skills, singing, cat-walking, dancing, comedy, and musical instruments show. One after another exciting programs pushed the atmosphere of the performance to the climax. Live songs and dances bursts of excitement, presented a fantastic audio-visual feast for the majority of employees and fully demonstrated the China Coal staff style. Finally, all the staff sang together the magnificent "Song of China Coal" that pushed the activity to the climax. The high-pitched song fully demonstrated the passionate morale and striving spirit of all China Coal staff as well as expressed the whole employees' love to China Coal and the confidence to success!
A series of colorful national activities have been active in the enterprise culture,
The company are filled with the festive atmosphere of the festival, we have showered, in the future will work harder, as China Coal is home, loyal to China Coal, to construct China Coal, to dedicate China Coal, make the greatest contribution to China Coal brilliant tomorrow!

China Coal Group Celebrates National DayChina Coal Group Celebrates National DayChina Coal Group Celebrates National Day