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Communist Youth League of China Coal Group Officially Established


Recently, after discussing by the Communist Youth League Committee of Jining Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, they decided to formally agree on the application of establishing the Shandong China Coal Group Communist Youth League Committee and the League Committee directly under the management of the Communist Youth League Committee of Hi-tech Zone, which marks China Coal Group team spirit construction reached a new level, the ideological and political construction established a new starting point!
The young employees is an important part of Group's staff and the backbone of Group's sustainable development.Meantime the Communist Youth League Committee is the core of the basic level organization.The establishment of the Youth League, which can promote the majority of young workers to strengthen their own organically,to improve their own quality, not only can unite the majority of young workers' thought and mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of the young workers, but also can guide the majority of Youth League members to serve enterprises, play the force and commando role of the youth, bring the vigor of young people to work to make the enterprise full of vitality and power in order to make more positive contribution to the development of the Group!
After the establishment of Shandong China Coal Group Communist Youth League Committee,we will strictly execute the requirement of "League Constitution" and the organization procedure, hold the stipulated meeting accordingly,fully play the role of ideological and political education to members of the employees, fully guarantee the democratic rights of the general league Youth League members, perfect Group's league committee team and the Youth League branches construction, conscientiously do the work of the Committee, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of youth members, guide the youth members to play a leading role model,actively practice Scientific Development Concept and Socialist Concept of Honor and Disgrace and urge the majority of young people love to learn, to work, know the honor and disgrace, fostering new practices, and promote harmony and service the enterprise, service the society better!